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Ah, fall.  That season we didn’t experience in Chicago this year.  It’s generally one of my favorite times of the year and is wonderful weather for a wedding, but fall decor can be tricky.

One of my best friends wants to have a fall wedding in South Carolina, which is an amazing time of year in that area.  The trees will be gorgeous with their fall color changes and the temperature is perfect for an outdoor affair, if that’s desired.

My conversation with her got me excited to create an inspiration board with a fall theme that I hope is just slightly new and different (psst – no leaves involved)!

Top row (l-r): Brides, Martha Stewart, and Garden Rooms (via the Brown Turtleneck Sweater blog)
Middle row (l-r): Brides (via the Brown Turtleneck Sweater blog)
Bottom row (l-r): Brides

I love floral arrangements that include fruit, and apples scream fall.  They also pair very well with roses in muted fall hues and make unique and easy wedding favors.  And to complete the theme, add in a rustic table setting with lanterns strung from above (perfect for the temperate weather in the south!).

Did you have a fall wedding?  Please share some of your photos and inspirational ideas!


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5 comments on “A Fall Wedding

  1. Laura writes...

    I loved my flowers from my fall wedding – the fall colored roses, sunflowers, tiny berries, etc.

    I had leaves involved in my decorations and loved them – there is nothing wrong with leaves for a fall wedding, in my opinion. I also placed hershey’s minitures on the tables at the reception (they come packaged in fall colors). I think i liberated that idea of a discovery channel wedding show. I kept the fall theme simple though – I didn’t want everyone to wonder if it was a wedding or a maple tree celebration. :)

  2. I should clarify to everyone – leaves can be beautiful decor (and Laura did them so well in her beautiful wedding)! But I think most people have that in their heads already because the colors are so iconically fall. So I tried to pick things that people might not usually think of. :)

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I love this board. Blogging has really helped me learn to embrace color! I used to favor the simple, ivory & chocolate look, but I’m leaning more towards pink, reds & yellows with the chocolate!

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