Aqua and Yellow


It’s snowy and cold here in Chicago, which of course has me thinking of how I want to escape to the beach!  Hence this board, in the middle of Christmas season, on a tropical wedding.

Top row (l-r): Susan Stripling, Mel Barlow, HanaHou Productions
Bottom row (l-r): Jessica Claire, the Knot, Susan Stripling

I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous pairings recently with aqua – orange, hot pink, and emerald to name a few.  But I personally love the playful feel that a bright yellow brings to a wedding. 

Serve your guests blue hawaiians and lemonade.  Put an orchid behind your ear.  Throw a luau for your reception!  This wedding has endless possibilities.


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2 comments on “Aqua and Yellow

  1. Aqua and yellow is gorgeous! I have a feeling it’s going to be HUGE for weddings this spring…

    P.S.- My mother’s name is Elizabeth Anne, she’s an artist also…

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