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I am by no means advocating DIY floral for your wedding – it’s too stressful and you should be thinking of other things the day before you marry!  But, if your budget dictates differently, here is a great option.

Grower’s Box provides a very affordable and easy service called a Wedding-In-A-Box (WIB) package. 

You choose the flower type, quantity, and colors you would like, order at least 10 days in advance, and the wholesale flowers are delivered directly to your door for your DIY pleasure.  Prices range from $119 (sunflowers and snapdragons) to $750 (400 roses and 350 carnations, plus greenery).  If a WIB isn’t your desire, you may also order bunches of a single flower.

The best part?  Grower’s Box is the wholesaler, so your flowers are much fresher than if ordered through a retailer, giving you a bit of extra time for pulling it all together!


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6 comments on “Grower’s Box

  1. that sounds neat! we diy’d the flowers at my wedding. and i mean diy! all but the ones in my bouquet were from my parents’ garden/yard, and my mom did all the arranging. good thing she took those floral arranging classes.

  2. i should add that the diy’ing of flowers contributed to the fact that we started late and i was smelly (too much time spent helping, so i didn’t get to shower after running around a bunch).

  3. funda writes...

    i actually wouldn’t recommend diy’ing your wedding flowers, nor would i ever recommend using this service (unless you’re broke and desparate like me) I ordered my wedding flowers from grower’s box. they were supposed to be delivered yesterday, first i was notified there’ll be a one day delay. One day delay happened, ok, i still don’t have a confirmation that my flowers are shipped. and they specifically promised me they were going to send a confirmation e-mail.
    Moral of the story: hire a florist, unless you want to grow an ulcer 2 days before your wedding.

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