One of the Coolest Invitations Ever!


I have no idea how I stumbled upon this, but it is one of the the most gorgeous, unique, and well thought out wedding invitations I have ever seen.

Image courtesy of Ryan Masuga

Click on the picture above to be taken to his interactive walk-through of this gorgeous piece of stationery!  Honestly, even the label is perfect.


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10 comments on “One of the Coolest Invitations Ever!

  1. That’s wonderful! I would be one of those guests that would rsvp by email instead of taking that apart:-)

  2. kara writes...

    Beautifully done/designed but it does come off a bit self involved–what with the bio’s etc.

  3. Gee, thanks for the kind words. Good thing Marie and I are still married – those were a lot of work!

    @Alissa: A lot of people responded by email to keep the thing intact.

    @One Love Photo: I think we made about 30-40. The wedding was family only, but the reception was open to friends as well.

    @kara: What can I say? Of COURSE it’s self involved. It was our wedding. I’ll go one better: it wasn’t just a “bit” self-involved…it was a LOT self-involved!

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