Elizabeth’s Dream Bridesmaids Gift


I’m crafty.  We all know this.  I know that not everyone likes or wants to be crafty, but this little competition is about our dream gifts, the ones that we would absolutely die to receive if we were in a wedding.  So I’m going to assume that my bride is just a little bit crafty, or at least willing to collect images and/or write letters.

My dream bridesmaid gift is a handmade album, chronicling the years of friendship between myself and the bride.  She could do an altered book design:

Dedra Long via Paperclipping

Or a scrapbook design:

Image via Pennywise Arts

Or it could even be a little treasure box instead of a book, filled with letters from her detailing memories from our friendship:

Image via Caroline Adams

But if the bride isn’t quite as crazy as I am (or the decoupage is missing from her craft collection), I love this $142 silk bound photo album on Jenni Bick Bookbinding, which she could simply personalize inside with photos and her handwriting.


So, there you have it.  Materials = *way* less than $200.  Joy of giving and receiving = Priceless.


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8 comments on “Elizabeth’s Dream Bridesmaids Gift

  1. Everything is so sweet and would make a wonderful bridesmaid gift. I’m using a monogrammed Jenny Bick silk guestbook for my wedding.

  2. I’m doing something similar as part of the gifts for my bridesmaids, though I am digitally scrapbooking all of them (as much as I LOVE being paper crafty, I just do not have the time because I work 80+ hours per week, and I can get away with digital design on Illustrator while at work, but not with setting out my papers and scissors and glue!) and having a hardcover book bound. I think I’m going to give them that part of the gift (the rest is a gorgeous red lacquer jewelery box, personalized monogrammed jewelery roll, and crystal brooch) AFTER the wedding so I can include pictures from the wedding. Plus, it will be a nice, unexpected surprise a few months later.

  3. sorry, anne – i have enough pens and paperweights, but i could never have enough handmade albums! i have done mini-scrapbooks for a couple of people (and a photobook) as gifts, and both the giver and receivers were very pleased.

  4. Now Anne’s gift are more up my alley (mainly because I am not super crafty)…but this idea is super sweet! (also memorable) I like the Jenni Bick album, very cool looking!

  5. Hannah writes...

    I think I’ll have to go with this one… even though the other gifts were very cute… this has the personal touch that sends it over the top. Such a great idea!!

  6. Meagan writes...

    Lovely ladies! I’m really attracted to the scrapbook idea to recieve, but I’m giving my girls gifts are more a mix of the two. Personalized necklaces and stationary, yummy smelling candles, jewelry pouches, and lip gloss packed up in an adorable tin lunchbox. But your post has convinced me to take time and write them all letters to let them know how important they are to me, and give them blurb books of wedding pics after.

  7. Laura writes...

    If I were pretending to be the bridesmaid picking my own gift then I must vote for the book about my friendship with the bride. I am also crafty so I would appreciate the time and thought put into such a book. The stationary set is great, just not my cup of tea. :)

  8. maureen peregrino writes...

    dear elizabeth, can u post another scrapbook designs or anything designs that can use in making scrapbook. i like your designs, thank you for giving me an idea.


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