Chicago Bloggers

Tonight I had the chance to meet up with some fabulous Chicago bloggers (can’t tell you why, it’s a surprise!).  If you aren’t already reading these great blogs, please check them out because they are just as wonderful in person as they are in the blogosphere!

Chitown Bride
Honey Bee Weddings
In This Instance

Great to meet you girls and can’t wait for Thursday!


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5 comments on “Chicago Bloggers

  1. thanks elizabeth- it was fantastic to meet you and the other ladies! it is so fun to see the face behind the blog

  2. you are such a tease! i checked here, like, 40 times yesterday to see if the surprise had been revealed, thinking it might happen on thursday.

  3. elizabeth writes...

    sorry, i’m waiting too! we were told Thursday but it seems that has been a bit delayed.

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