I Heart My Google Reader, Part II


So, as I mentioned in [intlink id=”1070″]Part 1[/intlink], I read tons of blogs.  And about 70% of the 370 blogs I read are brides to be or wedding industry professionals.  Since you got here somehow, I’m going to assume you’re fellow blog stalkers and would like a few more to read that you might not have in your daily dose, so here goes.  Most of these gals are relatively new to the blogosphere and I’m excited about what they’ve written so far!


A Bride in the Making is written by Veronica, a hip NYC gal planning an orange and gray event for fall of 2009.  I’m so excited to read along with her as she makes preparations!

Boho Bride has such a fun whimsical style to her blog.  She’s an opinionated gal and always comes up with fantastic pictures and great ideas!  Plus, she’s using a invitation designer [intlink id=”64″]we absolutely adore[/intlink], Inkylivie.

East Side Bride has great style and I always love the indie and vintage blog posts she comes up with!

Heather at Road to the Aisle is chronicling the planning process for her June ’08 wedding.  She has less than 100 days to go so let’s wish her luck!  She’s a DIY kind of gal and gives great instructions for those of you interested. 

I found Etiquettely Correct when she was kind enough to link over to EAD and realized immediately that we were kindred spirits because her rehearsal dinner is going to be at a ballpark [intlink id=”318″]too[/intlink]!

If you read the Unveiled Society, you’re probably already familiar with Tales of a Female Husband.  If you haven’t added Loaf’s blog to your reader yet, what are you waiting for?!  She’s doing a great job so far in giving us lots of detail about the planning of her event (I love all of the brides that do this!) and is also having some luck checking items off of her to do list.

Katie’s blog is so cute that I’m adding her to this list in the hopes that it inspires her to post more because I love it when she does.  :)

Courtney’s Little White Book blog is full of great inspiration from a recent bride.  I love her romantic style and she has some gorgeous inspiration boards!

With This Ring, I Thee Obsess simply cracks me up.  I love Tina’s blog and it’s so fun to find a bride to be that is kind of like I am with my own event and this blog, completely head over heels crazy.  This quote sounds SO MUCH LIKE ME it’s hilarious:

The problem with being engaged is that I am completely overstimulated ALL OF THE TIME. There is constantly something pretty to catch my eye. And reading all of these blogs has opened up a whole new world of distractions to me. In other words, I am now thinking about other people’s weddings 24X7.

Yep, Tina, that’s how EAD was born!  Rebekah and I are the same way!  :)

OK, ya’ll.  Rush rush rush to give all of these gals some blog love!


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12 comments on “I Heart My Google Reader, Part II

  1. these are such creative sites written by fun, smart women!! thanks for passing them along!!!

  2. Uh, thank you for the google reader and this inspiring girls! I did not know this tool before! I have to bring it to my german readers ;o)

  3. Kat writes...

    This post has inspired me to open up my Google reader that I had set up before my fiance deployed in order to keep track of all of the war related news. Now my Google reader is filled with not only war news, but also with this and other wedding related blogs which are my new obesssion! I wish I had discovered this site earlier than a year into my engagement, but nonetheless I am happy to have found you with still the majority of the details left to plan.

    I can’t wait to add some of these blogs to my reader!

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