Red and Yellow Rosarito Wedding


Reader Dana writes:

I’m planning a wedding overlooking the beach in Rosarito Mexico and am having trouble coming up with an appropriate color scheme to convey the festive feeling I’m after, without being overly kitschy or hokey… or resorting to the typical sky blue, beige, sand and seaglass motif. Can a design palette say both fiesta and romance, at the same time? I especially love vintage mexican elements – such as delicate papel picado flags and luminarias. I’m just really having trouble sorting out the colors that would suit our wedding while celebrating the location as well. Can you help?

After finding out there weren’t any colors that she was opposed to using, I thought of all of the color combinations that in my mind say “Mexico” and one stood out – orange and yellow with pops of red.

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Dana, let me know what you think of the direction!  I hope it’s bohemian enough for you.  :)

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7 comments on “Red and Yellow Rosarito Wedding

  1. Dana writes...

    I LURVE IT! Its so dreamy and there’s no way I would have EVER come up with that myself. Thanks so much. I really really love it :)

  2. Molly writes...

    It’s beautiful! Dana – you must use it! Would be absolutely stunning!

  3. Claire writes...

    I adore this colour combo. I have been thinking of the less common yellow-orange combo myself, so it is great to see it shown together here. It instantly lifts my spirits and makes me feel warm and relaxed – festive, romatic, late summer, cocktails, a fun atmosphere ahead is what I see here! Pops of red are a nice touch. I am frm Australia, so these colours feel appropriate for over here ‘downunder’ as well!

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