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I’ve been trying and trying to find something that works with my event to use as a guest book.  No luck yet but here are some amazing ideas I have seen along the way!


So fun for a literary couple or someone looking for that perfect vintage/mod combination.  Love the idea of this – not so sure if I’d trust my guests not to mess up?

Via Martha Stewart and Weddingbee

Photo Guest Books

Absolutely perfect if you are having a photobooth.  You could also use a Polaroid camera and designated picture-taker.

Via Weddingbee

Fill-In Sheets of Memories

I’m partial to this one because I love the idea of people writing personal memories and illustrations.  It’s a bit cutesy for my event however {it would be PERFECT for a shower}.

Via the Guestbook Store

Cards in Pockets

Beautiful, especially with gorgeous letterpress cards as seen here via Brides.  Pro: cute and easy.  Con: it’s not really a new idea.


The Wish Tree

Very beautiful – but how on earth would I get it home???

Via Here Comes the Guide

A Bowl

I. LOVE. THIS.  It’s perfect.  Too bad it’s $1,800.

Steuben via Design… Stat

The Scrapbook

The so-far-favorite-but-it-doesn’t-work idea.  A) I love to scrapbook and so do a lot of my girlfriends, but B) it just doesn’t scream elegant to me (not like that bowl up there that I covet).

Gertrude & Mabel Photography via Snippet & Ink

What are you doing for your guest book?  Anyone have ideas for one that is vintage and elegant but incorporates handmade elements?


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9 comments on “Innovative Guest Book Ideas

  1. You could totally do the wish tree. Just assign someone trustworthy to collect all of the notes at the end of the night, then put them together in a pretty book. And it would look so beautiful at the reception!

  2. Kate writes...

    I know a couple of each have a sterling platter engraved with their attendants names. What they did was really easy, they just cut a piece of paper to the size of the platter, then had everybody sign it and then they took it to a local jeweler and they copied it. They are such great heirlooms! I’m thinking of doing it when we renew our vows in a couple of years. We’re only inviting about 40 people and I’ve always wanted a HUGE silver platter. I love the bowl idea too.

  3. If you like the bowl, you could always do a ceramic one too- not quite as pretty, but you could paint a basic design, have people sign over it, and then get it fired at one of those paint-your-own places. And it’d be less than $50 even if you chose a big piece!

  4. I don’t think any of my wedding guests are combing EAD’s comments to see what I reveal about the wedding so I’ll let you ladies in on it.

    So we’ve known for a long time that we’d use old and new photographs of Boston as part of our “table numbers” but instead of numbers, we’re having names of famous streets and areas of Boston. For example, there will be the Copley table and it will have an old black and white picture of Copley Square from the 1800s, for example, and a new modern color picture of Copley.

    We found this nice hardcover book at Barnes and Noble of Boston, then and now full of really nice, big before and after photos of different areas of Boston that we will use to create the names of the tables.

    Still with me? I know this is a post about guest books and I’m getting to that.

    So they other night we were sitting down with our planner discussing the various “projects” for the wedding and we mentioned that we’re buying this nice book and getting good photocopies of the pictures in it and she thought of a great idea: why not keep a copy of the book on hand at the wedding and turn it into the guest book?!

    It’s so simple (and soo easy, all we need to buy is the book and few silver Sharpies) but unique and fits right in with our wedding.

    shelley’s most recent blog post: Wedding update.

  5. Sorry, I just realized that last comment didn’t make much sense. I could say it’s early and I haven’t had any caffeine yet (which is true) but really, we’ve got just about 8 weeks to the wedding and my brain is fried!!

    Anyways, what I wanted to make clear was that we’ll have the guests sign the pages of the picture book in silver thin-tipped Sharpie pens (that will show up on both dark and light areas).

    Also wanted to point out that this is a very cheap option! The book is about $25 and then pens are what, $5?

    So maybe you could find a nice picture book (aka coffee table book) that fits into your “theme” for people to sign. :)

    shelley’s most recent blog post: Wedding update.

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