Southern Menu #2


We have a great menu lined up for today’s Southern real wedding — Fried Chicken!

{Cookie Mag}

I picture huge grills out on the ranch as well boasting such delicacies as charred corn on the cob and grilled sourdough bread.

{My Recipes}

{Uncle Waynes BBQ}

And last but not least, an amazing dessert of red velvet wedding cake!

{New York Times}

Don’t forget to serve lemonade, tea, and Coke (regardless of what type of soft drink it is, it’s Coke in the South)!


Off to lunch now!


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6 comments on “Southern Menu #2

  1. where are the biscuits?!?! you could have a pile of BoBerry biscuits as a groom’s cake (since you can’t have a red velvet armadillo cake).

  2. Rachel writes...

    Oh, I LOOOOOVVVVEEE red velvet cake…. Yummy!!

    I was just trying to explain to some “new” Texans (co-workers of the fiancee) that in the South, “Coke” is like “Kleenex” or “Windex” – it can be a term that refers to soda pop in general, like “Kleenex” refers to tissue. Living down here and using the term my whole life, it’s weird to hear people ask for a soda, or a pop.

    By the way, the one thing you’re missing from above is potato salad!!! How can you have fried chicken without potato salad!?!?

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