An indecisive bride-to-be

Darn it!!

I just saw this color palette board over on Style Me Pretty :

See, the problem is that these are very very close to my colors which are terracotta orange and a champagne/gold.  Of course I will have greenery, so green will be present, and I’ve thought about the idea of introducing a wine color to compliment the orange/terracotta.  So, I love this board, it’s very pretty.  But my problem is with the floral arrangement.  It is causing me to rethink *yet again* my choice of accent arrangements. 

Not the arrangements that will be on every table, but the ones on the guest book table, some side tables, by the bar, etc.  I’m planning on using candles on the dining tables, and originally I had thought I would do something like the arrangement above – floral, with a mixture of colors in just a few strategic spots (I hadn’t thought about the cranberries, but I really like them!).  That look would go really well with my original choice for a bouquet, which was this:

Lovely, right?  I’m getting married in November, and these colors would be beautiful.

But I changed my mind.  I stressed about it, really.  I liked that look, but I also like more of a cleaner and more modern look too.  Plus, I’m on a pretty tight budget, and flowers are an expense I feel like I could cut a bit.  My venue is a 1920’s Spanish Revival style, so I thought that along with the candlelight, some big tropical leaves in vases (maybe with a few twigs of curly willow) could be really really dramatic, less expensive (and easy to DIY), and in keeping with the feel of the venue.  I was thinking of something kind of like this:

{Elle Decor}

I really think that this could be a very sophisticated and elegant look!  I love using large leaves like these, or calladium leaves, in vases on my table at home.  And for my bouquet, I could use a monochromatic arrangement of flowers. 

What’s sad is that this isn’t the first thing (by far) that I’ve changed my mind on.  Originally, I really thought it would be cool to decorate the tables like this:

While I still like this look, ultimately this was a little more rustic than I wanted and also posed a lot of DIY work (arranging the branches in a vase, plus adding candles = not as easy as it looks).  And then I saw this picture on Weddingbee. Behold:

I love this idea.  My Mom and Grandmother collected old cut/pressed glass like this, so I’ve got plenty to choose from, it’ll be easy to set up (with votives instead of poured wax), and I love the ambiance that candlelight gives. 

Why is it that the little details cause so much stress?  I realize that whichever look I choose will be lovely, and that many people won’t even notice or care.  I definitely don’t want to blow my budget, but I’m not sure that doing one over the other is going to be a SIGNIFICANT savings.  On other things – other larger elements – I’ve had no trouble being more decisive and just going with my “gut”.  But my gut’s not helping me out much here. 

I know I’m not alone in this.  What things have caused you to waver and change your mind?  Are they small or large elements in your wedding?   What things did you just KNOW you wanted/had to have and didn’t change your mind on?

P.S.  Feel free to comment on the above looks and add any suggestions you may have…. ;-)

Happy Friday!

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7 comments on “An indecisive bride-to-be

  1. Flavia writes...

    You are absolutely not alone! I had no problems deciding on the location, photographer or cake, but the colors, flowers and decoration, well, depending on the day you ask I’ll give you a different answer! People think I am crazy to care so much about these details, but I think they are what makes the event unique.

  2. KateMW writes...

    Are you sure those are cranberries? I thought that they were at first as well, but those are too dark to be fresh cranberries IMO. I don’t know what they are if they aren’t, but they don’t look red enough for me. I thought maybe they were red grapes. I love the centerpiece though!
    I have a big problem picking colors as well. I also have a problem picking just one or two ideas!!

  3. We used cranberries- but we floated them in water in a shallow, clear vase with some candles, instead of filling a whole vase with the berries. I liked the effect just as well.

    And I didn’t know anything about flowers going in, other than I wanted to carry white roses like my mom and grandmom had in their weddings. I wanted to incorporate fringed tulips and monkey tails into my bouquets and the boutonnieres, too, to give it a more whimsical look, but the tulips were not in season, and my florist said the monkey tails didn’t last, they’d be shriveled up by the end of the night. I kinda still wish I had pushed for them, anyway. Oh well. No one will ever notice except me.

  4. What about filling a few of the vases with cranberries? I love the direction you are heading with the greenery. It’s so unique, don’t give it up yet! Definitely go with the candles. They sound absolutely perfect for the venue. I think the greenery would work better with the candles than the flower centerpieces would. Too many elements otherwise.

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