Branding: Signature Drinks


When branding your wedding, if alcohol is a part of your plans, don’t forget about the signature drink.  You can use your signature drink as a) a way to save by not having a full open bar, b) a complement to your color palette, or c) a method of incorporating one of your favorite drinks into your event!

rachel ray pineapple drink
{Rachel Ray via She Walks in Beauty}

I’m now thirsty.  Preferably for something pinapple-y.


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4 comments on “Branding: Signature Drinks

  1. Sandy Mazzaferro writes...

    Please advise as to the correct time in introducing the signature drink. At the cocktail hour or at the reception? At the bar or served by a waiter.

  2. Ami Elizabeth writes...

    hi sandy! if you have the option, i would choose to have your signature drink passed by waiters during the cocktail hour. hope that helps!

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