Purple, Aqua, and Chartreuse


You may have learned by now that I have a soft spot in my heart for unexpected color combinations.  Today’s board was inspired by the photo in the top left – a whimsical garden palette of purple and white with hints of aqua and chartreuse.

Clockwise from top left: le souk via the style files, Love and Splendor, the Knot, Marisa Holmes via The Bride’s Cafe, Carrie Patterson via The Bride’s Cafe, Trista Lerit Photography, Kenzie Kate, A Little Sussy, Impressionen, Amy Squires Photography, Wisteria via White Aisle, the Knot

How cute is that puppy?  His face just makes me giggle.

As is usually the case, after creating a board, you come across something completely perfect!  These invitations by Laura Hooper are absolutely exquisite.

barcelona invitation 

And this floral composition photographed by Kim Calakoutis would be amazing with this color scheme!

purple aqua floral 

Love these shoes!

green shoes 
{Photo credit: Cheri Pearl}

Other ideas for this color scheme?


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17 comments on “Purple, Aqua, and Chartreuse

  1. I love it! My favorite color is purple and the bf’s favorite is blue, and I think this color combo would be a great way for us to use colors that we both love (instead of me running off with purple and hot pink…what a girly girl I am!)

  2. I’m super pumped for your week of purple. A client just informed me yesterday we’re doing purple for their wedding, so I will be following along and saving inspiration for her.

  3. This makes me think of the Northern California coast. You can have a beach wedding with this, but it’s such an unexpected color combination.

    You know girls, some fun weekly themes might be regions. Planning a wedding by region, etc. The Northwest, Southwest, California, Midwest, Northeast, East, Southeast, oh the possibilities! It could go on for weeks. You could plan a wedding for every state!

  4. Jennifer writes...

    My wedding was all shades of purple, Tiffany blue, and black and white polka dots. It was fun and playful. I mixed in a little bit of hollywood glam for another spark of interest.

  5. Sarah writes...

    I love this color combo! I am going to use this one for my wedding! And yes, more about those shoes. I would love to find them.

  6. Yes! Please tell me where you found those shoes! I am getting married in March and haven’t had any luck on finding green shoes!

  7. Tracie writes...

    Hey!! Love those green shoes. I’d love them for a wedding of my own in October. Do you know where they can be found?

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