Lilac, Platinum and Aubergine


Inspired by the Oblation invite from Minted, I give you a board filled with sophisticated purples and platinum.

{Image Credits: Jim Hjelm, Michele Waite, Nordstrom, iVillage, Peggy Porschen, Oblation via Minted, Brides, Impressionen, Green Vase}

I have a dream of a bride walking the aisle in the top left dress. Wouldn’t it be perfect?!

I also love this CeCi invite in the same colors….

I think I am in love!

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7 comments on “Lilac, Platinum and Aubergine

  1. This is a gorgeous board! I have seen that purple gown before and LOVE it. These colors are so similar to the colors we’re using in our own wedding.

  2. Eliz writes...

    I am not even engaged yet but you have just nailed (almost) exactly what I envision for our big day…gorgeous…

  3. I love Ceci’s designs! I have to say photos do not do the real invitations justice.

    Thanks for posting…really great stuff!

  4. Nicole writes...

    omg!!!! i fell in love with that dress at first sight about two weeks ago and was wondering how it would flow with my colors platinum and aubergine and i decide to google and this beautiful inspiration board has just set me in the right direction …. what an amazing eye you have !! thank you for giving me some inspiration

  5. Carolyn writes...

    This board is gorgeous…anyone know where/who makes the purple short dress in the upper right corner? Love it for a bridesmaids dress!

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