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What’s better than wedding cake?  Letting your guests feast on a mini dessert buffet filled with treats such as small pies, parfaits, truffles, mini tarts, and bite size cookies!

Having a low-key reception with hors d’oeuvres?  Pass these adorable single-bite desserts at the end of the party and everyone will leave happy.

mini desserts 
{Jo Gartin}

A bite size dessert buffet is a great option for all types of dinner service.  For a seated dinner, serve a small dessert course and then open up a dessert station after everyone has hit the dance floor! 

mini dessert display buffet
{Sweet Cake Desserts’ Picasa}

If you are having buffet service, have a section devoted to your favorite sweets.  Perhaps with a server to pour sauces or garnish plates for that extra-special touch?

mini cheesecake 
{The Chicagoist}

{The Velvet Truffle}

Family-style is a trendy new service option.  If you’re heading in this direction, have your caterer prepare gorgeous plates with an assortment of goodies and place one on each table during the reception.  As people wander around they can sample the different treats at each spot!  If you’re strategic and give each table its own mix, you’ll encourage mingling.

mini dessert tray
{Dulles Wedding}

Casual reception?  Finish each table off with spoons and mini parfaits!  This would be a great option for the rehearsal dinner too!

small parfait desserts 
{Columbia News Service}

Thanks Kate for the inspiration! 

Will you be having desserts other than wedding cake at your soiree?  Do share!


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17 comments on “Bite Size Desserts

  1. Cool! We’re leaning towards a family-style reception, so we weren’t even sure how to go about having a little extra dessert. I love the idea of little trays of little tasty treats! Thanks!

  2. What a delicious idea. I love the idea of having so many different desserts, so that everyone is bound to find something they like. Yum!

  3. I wish I could afford to do this, but my venue charges through the roof prices for desserts. They let you use any vendor you want for a cake, so I will probably have to find something inexpensive elsewhere. Maybe I can claim that my “cake” is a collection of sweets and have an outside caterer bring it in :)

  4. We are doing a selection of Mexican pastries. Mexican wedding cookies, mini-empinandas filled with apple, pumpkin and pineapple, churros and other selections. Yummy!

  5. terrific idea! my mom has been saying that restaurants should do this for ages. my only addition: if you live anywhere close to asheville, consider chocolate fetish for truffles. yum!

  6. KateMW writes...

    Yay! I love these. The mini key lime pies in the shot glasses that I have on my page are also darling!! I think I’m really sold on mini dessert bar over cake.

  7. KateMW writes...

    Jenna~ I don’t know why you couldn’t. For my SIL’s wedding, we were able to bring in a chocolate dessert table from an outside baker, even though the venue had a different caterer. It was so popular that it was gone during the cocktail hour. That’s actually why I’m going to have mine set up while we’re eating dinner, instead of having it out the whole time. Well, that and it’s probably going to be about 90* outside that night.

  8. I love this idea, basically because that is what we are doing. We are going against the grain, not doing a wedding cake, and instead doing a dessert bar, with a few different kinds of mini desserts. I could be one of the few people in the world who doesn’t really like cake, so this idea is marvelous!

  9. Jennifer writes...

    i LOVE this idea as well and its actually someting I am doing for my own wedding also. my future husband dosent like cake SO im making him a cheese cake, well to cut down on the entire cost of the wedding thats where the dessert bar came from, I cant wait to see everything pulled together

  10. Lynn writes...

    Found your website and your presentation for your desserts is beautiful. I have a dinner party every December and always make too much dessert. After a large meal nobody wants to have much dessert…however…this year I want to try the “shot glass” desserts! The sampler that you show is just what I had in mind….are recipes available?

  11. Ami Elizabeth writes...

    @lynn thank you! i wish i were a foodie but alas, i am not. best of luck finding receipes and i am so glad to have provided some inspiration for you!

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