Shades of Blue and Apple Green


A color palette for you today – mixing all shades of blue with some fun apple green!

shades of blue and apple green wedding inspiration board
Top row: Jake Curtis via Decor 8, Stoneblossom Floral
Middle row: Grapevine Weddings, Victoria Hagan via Desire to Inspire, Laura Kay Photo
Bottom row: Michelle Rago via A Bride in the Making, Victor Sizemore via The Bride’s Cafe, Joan Shum via The Bride’s Cafe


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9 comments on “Shades of Blue and Apple Green

  1. wow. that bouquet in the top right is great! i’m so glad that blue is everywhere right now. it has seemed to be such an overlooked color in the world of weddings!

  2. That is such a great blue color. I love the push for more deeper blues and less light baby and robins egg blue.

  3. Kate writes...

    That’s beautiful…whoever came up with that color combination is a genius! ; ) Seriously though, I love the board and I’m so excited now!

  4. Oh my oh my! It’s lovely! All of you talented color-schemers and inspiration-boarders make me constantly question my ideas for my own wedding. *le sigh….*

  5. Such a beautiful blue inspiration board. The blue cocktails are really cool. Food and drinks are definitely another way to bring out the colors of one’s event. To check out other ways of using blue, you can view this slideshow.

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