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Today’s real wedding is all about having fun. The very talented Heather of Amorology Weddings is the mastermind behind Dana and Lee’s whimsical wedding. Not only did she plan their wedding in only 6 WEEKS, but she did it on a budget too! Heather was kind enough to share a few lovely details about the day…

Originally, the bride had planned for a beautiful destination wedding on the beaches of Turks and Caicos and due to some unfortunate family situations..she decided to keep her wedding at home. When she came to me, I immediately loved her and wanted to help make things special for her. Because Dana is a kindergarten teacher, I suggested using a school theme and things quickly developed from there….

The florist, (and also my mother) from Twigg Botanicals customized big letters made from massed carnations to read “D + L” that hung on the large tree in front of where they said their vows, reminiscent of a schoolyard crush and the million and one times that you paired their name with yours!

We also had her students draw art that we hung from the trees as guests entered the wedding. They were
labeled “Dana + Lee”, “sitting in a tree”, ” k-i-s-s-i-n-g” and of course you know the rest! They were each so unique and adorable and a big hit among the big and little guests.

Dana looked beautiful in her Watters and Watters gown

We brought in a vintage crown school bus to shuttle the guests….

We had monogrammed lunch boxes filled with gourmet sandwiches, fruit, corn on the cob and glass mason jars of pasta salad.

There were vintage soda bottles of every flavor…

The D.J. mixed music from the tree house that sat above the dance floor lit with white paper lanterns.

There were composition books with pencils on each table for guests to leave messages for the bride and groom and of course red apples everywhere.

There were homemade cupcakes and cookies in glass jars, as well as strawberry shortcake and children (her little students) everywhere.

Heather, thank you so much for sharing the details behind Dana and Lee’s fantastic wedding with us!!, Also, a HUGE thanks to Sara France, the awesome photographer behind the lovely pictures above. If you are looking for more wedding eye candy and inspiration, definitely check out the Amorology website and blog….

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36 comments on “Real Wedding: Dana + Lee

  1. This is so absolutely adorable! What a wonderful wedding!!! It reminds me of the carnival wedding I did 2 years ago. Sometimes, it is fun to do a wedding on a budget with a really creative and open couple!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve never seen a wedding with so many cute, practical, and original ideas and details!! What a great theme for that couple!

  3. Shelly writes...

    It’s amazing to think of putting this together on such a tight time schedule, but if anyone could do it, it would be Heather from Amorology! I’ve followed her work, and she and Robin from Twigg Botanicals are true professionals…and give everything a perfect personal touch. These pictures show that they did something so unique — again!

  4. Tina White writes...

    I have been searching for months & this is the most gorgeous wedding I have EVER seen! It is so unique and all the little details add up to such an amazing combination…it’s personal. This is exactly what I want for my ceremony!

  5. Alicia writes...

    That looks amazing! I’m looking into doing gable picnic/lunch boxes for our wedding too. But how did the menu fare? I’m worried that everyone has different tastes and may not like everything in all the boxes. We’re going back and fourth between a buffet style reception and the boxes. Has anyone had good/bad experiences with this?

  6. I love the theme, and the tree-house and lanterns. Such a lovely theme. The bridal gown is gorgeous and the flowers are beautiful, especially the Daisies.

  7. Alison writes...

    Where did you get those cute bike centerpieces? I have been looking to get some for my wedding. Ps – This weeding looks like so much fun!!!

  8. Well done that’s a great inspirational article for whoever wants to plan his or her wedding. I love this “nature” but elegant atmosphere you have been able to create, nice really! Do you know the budget by any chances? Thank you

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