Are you sitting down? I hope so, cuz I just discovered the funnest, easiest color board toy online! I’ve been trying to find good color samples and inspiration for the longest time….

Enter Montage-a-Google, a web app which generates montages based around keywords, from the full library of google images. So, I just popped in the colors we’re working with, and voila! Its so easy a monkey could do it, and look at the inspiring outcomes!

Here’s our colors: fuchsia, peacock blue, sunset orange, purple, and gold as an accent.

Delish, no? (click to enlarge)

And then I realized, if I entered just the word “sunset”, it came up with almost all the colors we’re using in one lovely palette!

Le sigh. Isn’t it warm and gorgeous!?!

Anyway, its strangely addictive, and watch out – look what happens when I google my own name, in quotes! I suppose some people would think this is creepy, but I think its hysterical! I love that Hunter and my e-ring make guest appearances (along with some of my friends, and a random sasquatch)!

Go forth and experiment, my peoples! But I warn you, you might not resurface for days :)

Thanks to Never Enough Homework for introducing me to this!

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8 comments on “Montage-A-Awesome!

  1. Haha, I read your personal blog as well, and when I saw this my first thought was “wow, someone at EAD totally just ripped off someone elses sweet post”, then I read the whole thing and realized that you just ripped off yourself :)

    I googled my own name and never saw myself one time. But I did get two of the weddingbees profile pictures. Weird huh?

  2. @Pamela – Yeah, sorry I don’t know how to fix that. Its annoying :(

    @Jenna – that’s so funny :) I’m a self-plagiarist and you totally called me out! I think I get so many photos of myself because I’m an actor – there’s lots o’ pics of me floating around in the inter-ether….

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