Real Weddings: John + Whitney


I’ve been looking forward so much to bringing you the absolutely beautiful Oklahoma City wedding of John and Whitney photographed by the uber-talented Josh McCullock.  John and Whitney’s wedding was so unique and fun – I just know you’re going to love it!

Whitney has such a bohemian beauty about her – the simple gown, the gorgeous headpiece, and the fantastic necklaces… swoon!

(I adore the texture that Josh used on these images as well)

The setting could not have been more perfect – a backyard wedding on a gorgeous day in OKC.


More beautiful texture from Josh and amazing lighting on this dress shot and my new favorite shoe shot ever.



John and Whitney chose to see each other prior to the ceremony so that they could have some prime portrait-taking time with Josh.





They had a little helper for their ceremony.


The happily married couple:



My absolute favorite part of this wedding is the bridal party.  Have a look!





I’m so in love.  The non-matchiness of it all is so practical and un-traditional, and it looks fantastic and comfortable and REAL.  What a perfect look for a vintage-inspired backyard wedding.

The reception couldn’t have been more casual-chic.  I have always been a huge fan of lights strung through trees – the setting is magical!




Great fun was had by all:



Especially by those posing for the photobooth!


I’ll leave you with my favorites!

(I think Whitney looks like Kirsten Dunst in this series…)


Josh, thank you so much for letting us share this wonderfully unique wedding with our readers.  More of John and Whitney’s wedding can be found on Josh’s blog – warning: his work is so amazing, you’ll get hooked like I did!


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27 comments on “Real Weddings: John + Whitney

  1. She is so cute!! And the wedding is really really cool. I love the casual non-matchiness of it all.

  2. I was going to say that she looks like Kirsten Dunst! And this has to be one of my most favourite weddings, they truly do look like they are in love. And their wedding looks so cozy and so unique to them…I especially love the shot of the jewelry and shoes of the bridesmaids!

  3. Makia writes...

    I LOVE this wedding! There are so many elements I already thought of incorporating into my own wedding, but there are also a few things I hadn’t thought of. LOVE IT!

  4. Richelle writes...

    Hi! I googled un-traditional wedding parties and your pic came up. I was so happy to find this site because my wedding accent color is also green and I was able to send this picture of all the bridesmaids in their different dresses to my 5 sisters! Thank you, its actually what I was looking for. Love you, love the couple! Happy New Years!

  5. Kathy writes...

    What a lovely wedding! And her dress is gorgeous. Can anyone tell me where it’s from? It’s lovely.

  6. Tahnee writes...

    Ok seriously I want to know where that dress came from! Does anyone know or am I going to have to stalk the bride and find out myself….I am getting married in September and barrowing so many fabulous ideas from this wedding! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress…its such a perfect combo of stylish and casual! I HAVE to have it!

  7. Kathy writes...

    @Tahnee…I would love to know, too. I bought J. Crew’s Cecilia dress hoping it’d be like this one here, but it wasn’t at all. Bummer.

  8. elizabeth writes...

    hi guys! i am way behind in posting this but the dress is by Watters Brides, style 1096B. :)

  9. Tara writes...

    Where did they get the groom’s tie? I am having trouble finding a tie to match my kelly green bridemaid’s dresses.

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