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Happy Monday everyone!  This weekend I was a bit under the weather, so I spent quite a bit of time laying on the couch doing what else but reading blogs and catching up on my online to-do list.  Oh, and thinking about my vow renewal and how behind I am!

One of the things on the to-do list is a wreath for the front door of my day-after brunch [intlink id=”479″ type=”post”]restaurant[/intlink].  There are two choices, and I have a preference, but I seem to have some dissenting opinions by those in the know!  Therefore, I’m polling you, my crafty, creative, wonderful readers.  Your choice will guide me to my DIY project!  Two things to know before choosing, I would describe the overall feeling of my brunch as “fresh” and the color the wreath will be is peachy-orange.

Choice A: [intlink id=”3961″ type=”post”]Ribbon Wreath[/intlink]

ribbon wreath 
{from here via here}

Choice B: Tissue paper wreath inspired by Amanda’s pomanders

{The fabulous Vintage Glam blog}


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16 comments on “Wreath Decision

  1. I would go with the ribbon wreath. Mainly because you are going to have to travel with it and I’m not sure how the tissue paper will hold up and I would hate for it to get smushed.

  2. I say go for the tissue paper pomanders. The ribbon reminds me of craft projects in the 80’s when I was a kid so the other would be the “fresh” vibe your going for.

  3. I like the ribbon one too! What if you used different patterns of ribbon in the same colour family? To make it a bit more fun? I love the tissue paper one as well, I’ll be making those for our ceremony site.

  4. I would be more worried about breaking the styrofoam wreath shape (either the ribbon or the tissue paper wreath)…I made my pomanders in NY and I flew to Michigan for my wedding. They did get a little wrinkled, but since they’re easily “shapeable”, I had no problems “fluffling” them once I got in Michigan.

    They’re both cute ideas though!

  5. I can see why this is a hard one!! And we’re not really making it easy on you…
    I really really like the ribbon wreath! I think you could do so many fun things with it – different colors/patterns of ribbons, etc. And it’s something a little different that we haven’t really seen before!!

  6. Anna writes...

    Choice B, all the way. The translucent texture lends well to light colors. The heavy fabric of choice A just seems opulent; not fresh. The pomanders seem to pop right off my screen, and that to me feels like the happy ‘fresh’ burst one gets from eating breakfast…isn’t that what you would like your guests to anticipate at your brunch? :)

  7. Steph writes...

    I like the ribbon wreath and the idea of using vintage ribbon. I’ve been planning a wedding for a yr and a half and have seen those “pouf” things a million times. I work in fashion in new york-
    and so what if the ribbon seems “80’s.” Aren’t the 80’s making a huge comeback?

  8. Stephanie writes...

    They are both great! But I like th ribbon wreath the best. Good luck! Hope you are feeling better!

  9. elizabeth writes...

    argh, thanks everyone. we’re officially tied at 7 to 7! to break the tie, i spoke with my event planner, who thinks that the tissue paper is the way to go, so we are going to try that one and i will report back with results!

    xoxo – E

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