Real Weddings: Lori + Lee 8.16.08


We have a beautiful, DIY, nautical-inspired wedding for you today from a photographer new to EAD, the amazing Meg Perotti!

Lori and Lee were married in Tiburon, CA at the beautiful Old St. Hilary’s Church.  Their reception was held at the Tiburon Peninsula Club.  They planned their entire event in just four months!

tiburon wedding

Lori’s story:

It all happened so fast… We were engaged on May 25th, and planning a wedding for August 16th.

Of course lots of people asked why we were marrying so fast? And there were a number of reasons. For one, we both lived in different countries, so timing and location was big for us. Second, I always dreamed of a simple beach wedding in the summer, so it was either this year or next year. Third, my best friend needed the wedding to be during the summer as well seeing she is a teacher. And fourth, we both shared the christian beliefs that we would not live together until we were married. With this said, we really wanted to marry this year. We decided that if I could lock down the location within a couple of weeks of our engagement, then we would get married this year. If not, then it would be next year. Luckily we were able to do it, which was great because we couldn’t wait for our lives to start as one. When you know, you just know, and that is how we felt.

tiburon wedding

tiburon wedding

We had about 6 weeks to plan, seeing I was out of the country for the remainder of our engagement, and we also had a tight budget to stick to. So how did we do it? How did we plan our wedding so quickly, and stick to our tight budget at the same time?

To start we didn’t have the funds for a wedding planner, so we got to plan our entire wedding with the help of friends and family. We stuck to the basics, and focused on the most important things first, and slowly worked our way down to everything else.

First, we found locations that fit our style; that were laid back with a nautical vibe, and that were already naturally beautiful. Because of this, we didn’t really have to do too much on our wedding day. After this was set, the only things that we really had to put effort in to, were the small things, such as our favors and flowers. Also, our reception hall did everything for us, from setting up to cleaning up. I do have to add, that if it wasn’t for my Mom being persistant with the Reception Hall & guaranteeing our reservation, our wedding could have been a catastrophe.

tiburon wedding

tiburon wedding

tiburon wedding

Second, we were able to locate a photographer that had the same style as us. Finding a photographer was “the” most important thing to me. It’s one of the most important days of your life, and I wanted to always be able to look back at this day through our photos. Because it was so important, we did a split day, ceremony in the AM and Reception in the late afternoon. This allowed our guests, which most were from out of town, to tour Tiburon/San Francisco, while we took photos! It worked out great! Our photographer was able to capture every moment and then some. We are so happy that we found her!!

tiburon wedding

tiburon wedding

tiburon wedding

tiburon wedding

tiburon wedding

And last, all the other things, our flowers, favors, goody bags (the bags we handed out during the break), signs around town, etc. just fell into place.

tiburon wedding
{All stationery created by the bride, using materials from Paper Source}

tiburon wedding
{Flowers all created by the bride and helpers!}

tiburon wedding
{Lemon on Lemon cupcakes from Icing on the Cake}

tiburon wedding

There were times we joked about how we should have married in the Caribbean with just parents and our best friends, but at the end of it all, it was worth every minute. We truly had the wedding of our dreams! It was intimate and tasteful, relaxed and picturesque, and shared with our close friends and family.

Overall, we were able to plan the entire wedding on time with a few bumps along the way. We did go a little over budget, but it was the cheapest it could have been, and was still very inexpensive. And one more quick thing to add, I always wanted a beach wedding as mentioned above. And although we didn’t have a Beach wedding, the church we ended up marrying in was at the end of Beach Street. We thought that was funny!

Lori and Lee, you are truly an inspirational couple and we are so impressed with how beautifully you pulled together your practical, fun, and personal wedding!

As always, I will close with my favorite photo from the day – such talent Meg, I love this!!!

tiburon wedding

Meg, thank you so much for sharing this wedding with us and Lori, thank you for sharing your story!


PS – Since this wedding is in the DIY spirit, I thought I’d take the opportunity to remind you to send in your projects for our [intlink id=”2473″ type=”post”]DIY contest in November[/intlink] – we are going to be publishing each and every project we receive so email yours now!  The more projects we receive the more inspiration we can give.  :)

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32 comments on “Real Weddings: Lori + Lee 8.16.08

  1. Wow! These photos are amazing! My sister just got married and, like Lori and Lee, her and her fiance pretty much planned the whole wedding themselves, so I know how much work it is! Kudos to Lori and Lee for pulling off such an effortless and gorgeous looking wedding. Meg also did my sister’s engagement photos so I know how amazing her work always is. These photos, however, are by far some of the best I have seen. The colors, settings, framing…..i could go on….are all so perfect. Lori and Lee are truly lucky to have these gorgeous photos as a memory of their wonderful union for the rest of their lives. Well done!!!

  2. lauren braun writes...

    I usually find wedding photography on the cheesy side, however these are great. I might book Meg Perotti to shoot my wedding when the day comes.

  3. Audrey Ahrens writes...

    Amazing photography! They look straight out of a magazine yet with such personality. You can certainly tell why the bride loved her photographer!

  4. Mary Franklin writes...

    Wow, what a beautiful wedding! It seems to epitomize “simple elegance” for me. I LOVE the “arty” photos and the little detail shots. Great photographs!

  5. Rosemary writes...

    What beautiful pics! Looks like the wedding was tons of fun–those pictures of the bride with her rain boots are too cute!

  6. Nikki writes...

    Amazing photos. I can’t believe there are still people paying for cheesy posed shots when they can hire photographers with style like this. This couple obviously has a great sense of humor, and it was captured perfectly.

  7. Robin Rakusin writes...

    I love how unique these wedding photos are! Ms. Perotti has taken the photo-journalistic style to new heights. Gorgeous and so genuine. I can’t wait to see more from this inventive new photographer!

  8. Ashley writes...

    I LOVE the DIY nature of this wedding – brought to life for those of us not there by Meg’s wonderful photography!

    The colors and bits and pieces are so simple but lively and fun as well.

    Congrats to the couple and great job to Meg Perotti for such beautiful photos!

  9. lily nguyen writes...

    Wow, I’m so happy for you Lori. Seriously, I’ve never seen wedding photos like these. They’re beautiful, and of course because you are such a beautiful bride…
    Thanks for sharing Lori! I’m very inspired and excited for the life ahead that you guys will have together!

  10. Kate writes...

    Wow! Gorgeous wedding! Does anyone know where she got that gown from? I love it!

  11. Thank you, Kate!!! I just spoke to the owner of Henson Bridal & the designer is Alfred Angelo, Style # 1144. I included a link to her website :)

  12. Still a budding photographer here, but this entry was everything I imagined a real wedding photo-day should be. None of that forced lovey dovey stuff but something personal and a great reflection of the couple’s characters! Wish there was a bridal company with a similar vision here in Singapore, I’d love to work with one!

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