Real Weddings: Dina + Wendy

Today’s wedding is absolutely amazing for a few reasons – first, our brides, Dina and Wendy, are stunning. Second, the photography, from the ever-fantastic Mi Belle, is unbelievable. And lastly, other than two small and pretty bouquets, we have not a stitch of floral, and the overall result is breathtaking!

Meet Dina and Wendy – aren’t they radiant?

Their ceremony and reception both took place at The Figueroa Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. If you don’t know the hotel, you’re missing out. I have never seen a more unique venue.

The Figueroa is a stone’s throw from the Staples Center, so Dina, Wendy, and their wedding party were able to take these fun street shots.

A sigh-worthy ring shot:

Their ceremony set-up in the Figueroa’s Rabat Room was earthy and romantic. Kathy and Susan from Bella Weddings and Events did a wonderful job executing this event, using the hotel’s ambiance to their advantage in a major way.

This is the Room Tangier at the Figueroa, the main stage for the reception. With a venue like this, you can save a bundle in decor – it’s perfect all on its own.

The festivities spilled over into the outdoor courtyard and bar area…

Love the these multi-colored lanterns as centerpieces.

The food was equally exquisite, especially the adorable cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop.

Favorite – steamy and sultry!

There’s honestly not much more I can say about this wedding than wow! Michelle and Josh, thank you so much for sharing Dina and Wendy’s amazing wedding with our readers. More of Dina and Wendy can be found on Mi Belle’s {blog}!


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8 comments on “Real Weddings: Dina + Wendy

  1. What a beautiful location! Incredible photography. Thank you so much for sharing. Lovely, just absolutely lovely. I soooo wish I lived in L.A. :-)

  2. I love this venue! I am doing a wedding there next month and it truly is stunning & does not need much decor-wise. It is budget friendly as well! And I cannot tell you how much I adore Vanilla Bake Shop :)

  3. Dina writes...

    Its very sad that California passed Proposition 8 last night banning same sex marriages. Now Wendy and I are being told that the proponents of Prop 8 are trying to rip our rights away retroactively so that our marriage is deemed null and void. It makes me sad that there is so much hate in the world still. Please help us President Obama.

  4. Johanna writes...

    Beautiful wedding, amazing wedding party in an amazing location. I wish you all the best Dina and Wendy. Much love, Johanna Michelberg. :)

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