Real Weddings: Megan + Mike 10.4.08


April from Blu Sky Designs shared Megan and Mike’s gorgeous wedding, which took place last month in beautiful Noblesville, Indiana at the Purgatory Golf Course.

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

An amazing element of this wedding is the wheat stalk centerpieces, and April’s going to tell us how to make them!

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

For each centerpiece, you will need:

* 300 stalks of dried wheat (this centerpiece uses Gold Beard)

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

* floral tape
* floral pruners or wire cutters
* ribbon
* double-sided tape
* scissors


  1. To make each centerpiece you’ll need about 300 stalks of dried wheat.
  2. Separate the stalks and pull off all the leaves.
  3. Bundle 15 stems together at a time and secure them with floral tape as they are much easier to handle this way.
  4. Hold the bundles between your thumb and forefinger at an angle and add bundles in a spiral – use about 20 bundles per centerpiece.
  5. Secure with floral tape.
  6. Depending on the vase you are using, judge how tall you want the centerpiece to be and cut it off from the bottom to the proper height with floral pruners or wire cutters.
  7. Place the wheat in the vase and then snip through the floral tape with scissors or a knife and remove it.
  8. Pick the ribbon of your choice, in the color of your choice.
  9. Use approx. 2″- 2 ½” wide satin ribbon around the top of the vase.
  10. Measure the ribbon around the top of the vase with about 3″ extra.
  11. Overlap the ribbon and fold the edge on the outside under.
  12. Attach the ribbon with double sided tape.

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

Megan, Mike, and April infused so many adorable fall details into the event – pumpkins, mums, fall leaves, a beautiful oatmeal-colored cake made by the bride’s aunt, and a stylish monogram!

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

So great to have a classic car to exit with!

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

Our blushing bride and groom:

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

diy wheat stalk centerpieces

April, thank you so much for submitting this beautiful wedding!  All photography from this event is credited to the talented Kevin Monahan.


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25 comments on “Real Weddings: Megan + Mike 10.4.08

  1. I’m not sure that’s a VW Beetle (actually I’m sure it’s not), but it looks like a great getaway car nonetheless! The wedding reminds me of my sisters wedding last year. Lovely!

  2. I love when brides use both the area and the season to create a certain look for the wedding. There is so much inspiration to be found in this wedding! Very very very beautiful job.

  3. Fantastic Centerpieces! That, and I would die for a piece of that cake – it looks like mocha icing? Whatever it is, it looks yummy!

  4. I love the wheat centerpiece. If you were on a tight budget, you could bundle the wheat, tie it off with ribbon, trim it straight across the bottom and stand it up on the table without using a vase.

  5. Megan Jack writes...

    You’ve all said so many nice things about my wedding!! It really was amazing. Just a dream come true!! The wheat centerpieces were a huge hit and I had to fight to keep one for myself!!

    • kristen denuto writes...

      hi i was wondering if you could tell me where you got the vases from and how tall they are? I love these centerpieces. thanks

      • Ami writes...

        hi kristen – i responded last week, see above – here is the info again: Probably 18″ or so and slightly slanted inward at the top. You can find them at michaels, tj maxx, home goods etc. Good luck!

        • kristen denuto writes...

          hi-i looked in all places and on internet-cant find these vases anywhere lol

  6. Amanda writes...

    I just love the centerpieces and want to use this idea for my wedding this october….where do you get the wheat????

  7. Amanda writes...

    thanks elizabeth…my local craft store does not sell it, thats why i was asking….i did find it on save on crafts!….thanks for your help

  8. Jessica writes...

    How many bundles from save-on-crafts would you say that you need to purchase per centerpiece??

  9. ami elizabeth writes...

    hi jessica! you would need ~300 stalks of wheat for each centerpiece. i couldn’t find on save on crafts how many stalks are included in each bundle, so giving them a call might be best just to make sure you’re buying the right quantity.

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi jenni! you can easily find that vase at your local michael’s or home goods, etc. good luck!

      • kristen denuto writes...

        can you tell me what type of vase that is and how tall-i have been looking everywhere!

        • Ami writes...

          Probably 18″ or so and slightly slanted inward at the top. You can find them at michaels, tj maxx, home goods etc. Good luck!

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