The Cold Shoulder


Now that I’ve had my teacher voice out about dress shopping, can I ask for an opinion? My dress – the unexpected winner – is strapless and ivory, with an ivory sash. I didn’t start out looking for strapless, and while I like it a lot I’d still like to have a shrug or something over my shoulders. I’ve found several options so far:

Jenny Yoo (in ivory)

jenny yoo shrug

Elizabeth Rohm (if her lace ever comes off backorder, that is)

elizabeth rohm shrug

Monique Lhullier

monique lhullier shrug

No, I’m not kidding. The Monique really is an option – well, sort of. I can’t actually buy the Monique, but I’ve been sewing for 20+ years and I’m reasonably confident that I can put together a riff on it with a few bits of tulle and some pearl beads.

Which do you like the best, assuming I haven’t overextended my sewing abilities for Monique Fauxllier? Or should I skip the shrug entirely?

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16 comments on “The Cold Shoulder

  1. you’ve got great style- all of these are beautiful! and also, anyone talented enough to riff that monique should really open an etsy shop and sell their beautiful creations…nudge. nudge. ;)

  2. I totally swooned over the Monique and I’m not much of a swooner. If you can do it I vote for that one to the infinity-th power.

  3. Katealtmix (cute name!), I have a muslin on my dress form right now. So maybe! The pattern is the hardest part.

    Alexis, swooning is worth five votes. :)

    Lisa, I never thought of wearing the Jenny Yoo for anything other than wedding. Hmmm. It would be pretty cute in one of the colors with jeans, though.

  4. Ambrosia writes...

    Totally voting for the Monique and I agree with the Etsy. I looked forever for something to wear that wasn’t outlandishly expensive. It was so warm on our October 10th wedding day that I ended up not wearing anything. I so wish I’d had something so pretty like the Monique because I would have felt more comfortable with something on as a coverup.

  5. oohh I love the Rohm one, but yeah she is always sold out. and the Monique… if you can pull that off you will be my hero. And then I might ask you to make me one ;)

  6. The Monique is to DIE for. My mother has 50 yards of tulle in her sewing room…this may be a delightful project to take on!

  7. I have the Rohm one… actually.

    Anyway, I love it. The only downside is that I changed dresses and now it doesn’t work with it! Sad.

    I have no idea what I’ll do with it now.

  8. Meredith writes...

    I think the Jenny Yoo is perfect! It’s delicate, feminine, and the price seems spot on! I love Jenny Yoo’s dresses too, thanks for introducing me to her site, it’s definitely on my favorites now :)

  9. I second the swooning for the Monique. Seriously, if you can pull that off, you will be my hero — and i would totally buy it from you on Etsy! LOVE.

  10. Melanie writes...

    I totally loved the Monique the best but cannot believe it cost over $2000!! Wow.

  11. I really like the second one best, to be honest. The first one is beautiful and really delicate, and Monique’s is dainty as well. I think the second one is substantial because of its thicker fabric.

  12. Aww, Rachel – I wish I had an answer! I haven’t finished Monique Fauxllier, but when I do I will put it on my blog. Just don’t hold your breath! It might be that one, or it might be the Jenny Yoo. I’m really having a hard time making up my mind.

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