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Hey all! Remember a little while ago I took a little vote on the wreath I should make for my brunch door? Well, with your help I chose the tissue paper wreath, and here’s the result of the escapade!

Tissue Paper Wreath
{author’s personal collection}

All of my inspiration came from Amanda’s awesome tissue paper pomanders. On her advice, I purchased tangerine and goldenrod tissues from Nashville Wraps. To make the wreath, you’ll need the tissue, along with:

* a styrofoam wreath form
* 2mm monofilament
* 22 gauge wire
* a hot glue gun
* an upholstery needle
* wire cutters


  • Using Martha’s guide here, cut your tissue into 10×5 rectangles.
  • Accordion fold the shorter side, approximately 3/8″ – 1/2″ per fold.
  • Fold the wire over the middle and twist.
  • Cut wire approximately 1/2″ from edge.
  • Round the corners of the tissue paper.
  • Begin pulling the layers away from each other and toward the middle of the wire. Don’t be afraid to scrunch the tissue – once I began pulling a little harder and scrunching the tissue closer together, the “flowers” became prettier!

tissue paper wreath
{Martha Stewart}

tissue paper wreath

Using an upholstery needle, poke a hole in the styrofoam wreath. Dab hot glue onto the wire end and place in the hole. Repeat (and repeat, and repeat)… You’ll want the flowers very close together. I think we used over 200 little flowers on the wreath!

Here’s a little closeup.

tissue paper wreath
{author’s personal collection}

For the hanger, I tied and knotted a piece of monofilament around the styrofoam, then tied another loop of monofilament around the first loop. I did this when I was about halfway done with the flowers.

You can also make pomanders, as Amanda did, using exactly the same method:


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40 comments on “Tissue Paper Wreath

  1. Love it! I may make this into our initials rather than a wreathe… could be amazing! And the color is so bright and gorgeous!

  2. Susan writes...

    Can you tell me what type of tissue paper you ordered from Nashville Wraps? The flowers would be a great fundraising tool for our efforts in “Painting the Town Purple” for our upcoming American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. The ideas are endless with these little “flower” gems! Thanks so much!


  3. Jackie writes...

    I love this! There are about 10 doors leading into my reception venue that would look great decorated with something like this! Quick question, did you put tissue paper around the whole back of the wreath as well?

    Thanks and great job!

  4. elizabeth writes...

    hi jackie! i did, because it was going to be seen from both sides. but i bet if you were going to hang it against a door you could get away with only covering about 1/3 of the back. thanks and good luck!

  5. Julie writes...

    How much tissue paper did you order from Nashville Wraps to make 1 wreath?

  6. elizabeth writes...

    hi julie! i ordered 1 480 sheet ream of the 15×20 in goldenrod and one in tangerine, each around $12. i had a TON left over even after making the wreath and a few pomanders. hope that helps!

  7. Julie writes...

    Would you say you had enough to make 2 wreaths? I am looking to make 2 wreaths and 8 half pomanders. I am thinking about using 2-3 colors, so I want to make sure I get enough paper.

    • elizabeth writes...

      hi julie! if you get 3 colors you will for sure have enough for what you have planned. i’d feel relatively sure that you would have enough with two as well, if you didn’t cluster the flowers super tight together.

      i can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  8. oh this is INSANELY awesome…. I want to make one…

    thanks for the instructions and what a discovery, googled paper wreaths and your gorgeous blog was found and now to be followed…


  9. Samantha writes...

    How did you use the two different colors? Did you use one color per flower or both colors in one flower?

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi samantha! i used both colors in one flower. i think they were 4-ply tissue flowers, so i would alternate using 3 plys of one color and 1 of the other, or 2 and 2 – the overall combination gave it a ton of dimension!

  10. Joy writes...

    I think these are modern and pretty! I would use these for a wedding or party or even everyday on my front door.

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