DIY Entry #41: Seating Card Rolodex


Amanda has a great two-part project for us today.  First up, a beautiful Seating Card Rolodex made from the drawers of an Ikea Fira mini chest.

seating card rolodex

What you’ll need for this project (and part 2, coming up later!):

Ikea Fira wooden boxes
– spray paint or varnish
– color cardstock
– alphabet stickers
– paper cutter
– x acto knife
– round corner paper punch
– 1 sheet of foam board
– spray adhesive
– scrap fabric
– silk flower
– glue gun
– wire (any type of wire that’s not too stiff to work with)
– needle and thread

Amanda’s instructions:

Before starting on this project, you’ll need to mount the box. That way you can measure, trace and check your progress.

Step 1: Print sheets of cardstock with fun patterns such as lined and graph printable paper (can be downloaded for free here. I printed each sheet of cardstock with a different pattern (music paper, isometric graph paper, octagon paper, etc). I also printed faux antique maps from here (I specially liked the Atlantis and 1600’s Greenland maps). I also used cool dingbats, swirls and free printables from Martha Stewart website.

seating card rolodex

Step 2: Each rolodex card is 3.75″ x 2″. So each 8.5″x11″ sheet makes 10 cards. Cut it with a paper cutter, then use round paper punch to cut the corners ( the letter tabbed cards can’t be paper punched though). Each rolodex letter tab is 3.75″ with a tab 2.5″ tall (the actual tab is 1/2″x1/2″). Use a x acto knife to cut out the tabs.

seating card rolodex

seating card rolodex

Step 3: Place the letter stickers on the tabs.

seating card rolodex

Step 4: Send them to your calligrapher to write your guests’ names. If you’re having a big wedding, divide the rolodex in two or more drawers (there are 9 total). You can also get creative and use the remaining drawers as a guest book wish bowl or as a bridal shower “recipe and advice” file drawer. It’ll make a great memento box!

Tip: you can take the quick route and order blank business cards (it’s the perfect size for these drawers) or get paint chips from Home Depot (or use both: colorful paint chips for the letter tabs and the blank cards to use as escort cards).

seating card rolodex

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4 comments on “DIY Entry #41: Seating Card Rolodex

  1. I really like this idea, especially because it would give me a reason to use all of those scrapbook paper scraps (I’m a pack rat, I know)! I might throw a twist on this project by making 4 different boxes (depending on # of guests) and separating them alphabetically A-G, H-N, O-T and U-Z… just to avoid a bottle neck at the seating card station.

  2. This is so adorable! I also love the Ikea wooden boxes. I keep all my craft supplies and paper in them. I might adapt your idea to keep track of addresses and birthdays.

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