DIY Wedding Details: Organza Flowers

I’m absolutely over the moon for these easy, cost-effective, and gorgeous DIY organza flowers!  Not only would they be perfect as part of your centerpieces, but what about chair ties, or in boxed invitations, or as a headpiece… the possibilities are endless!

{Tutorial by Reese Dixon found via Whip Up}

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16 comments on “DIY Wedding Details: Organza Flowers

  1. Oh oh oh!! I am IN LOVE!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to avoid a corsage while keeping my corsage-loving FMIL & corsage-hating mother happy. I think this is it!!

  2. Peaches writes...

    Hi…I found your organza flower tutorial very helpful…but I am not clear on how to make the stem? please advise…thank you

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi peaches! these flowers actually don’t have stems – so they are perfect for sewing on to things or clustering together.

  3. I actually made something very similar to this. But I made actual individual petals and used Chiffon fabric. I’ll be using them as escort pins where each guest can pin to their dress/ shirt pocket like a boutonierre. Crazy thing is, i made 140! Took me forever!

  4. ally writes...

    THEY ARE VERY HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH!! Please be careful when trying to make them. I’ve been making and selling them for a couple of years and have a ton of medical bill now because of it, even with using proper ventilation, gas masks, being outside and using fans… :(

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    I was THRILLED to find this website. I am embarking of making headpieces for weddings. I do about 30 a year (hair & makeup). I really want to do your tutorial on organza flowers.

  6. Shannon writes...

    I made this for my bridesmaids and everyone loved them! I bought them at . they sell pre cut fabric to save you time and money and they ship fast. They didn’t have the exact colour I wanted (i know, picky bride!) so they made me a custom order! Totall recommend using them.

  7. I bought gorgeous flowers from this really nice lady for my bridesmaid’s brooches, they were fabulous and everybody loved them!
    Here is the link
    I had them custom made, she is really good!

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