DIY Wedding Details: Shredded Fabric Flowers


Gorgeous project found via Style Court – handmade chrysanthemums from Alabama Chanin’s Alabama Stitch Book.  These flowers are made from (believe it or not) cotton t-shirts.

{Tutorial found here}

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7 comments on “DIY Wedding Details: Shredded Fabric Flowers

  1. debra walker writes...

    We are looking for someone to re-create fabric flowers to be applied to my daughters wedding dress. We live in Wheaton, IL but would travel downtown to check these out. We have the flowers that were originally applied to the dress but they seem a little cheap looking. We also have a sample of the material. If you know of anyone who is capable of doing these we would really appreicate your knowledge. Thanks so much.

  2. Ami Elizabeth writes...

    hi debra, i would suggest looking at vendors. twigs and honey creates gorgeous fabric flower pieces that may be perfect for your daughter’s dress. good luck!

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi sarah! i just did as much digging as i could. unfortunately the website has removed the tutorial, so the only way to find the instructions is in the book. :(

  3. sab writes...

    I just found these flowers and think they look gorgeous :) Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get to the link anymore on how to make them (as the other site may have taken it down :( Would you by chance have the instructions saved somewhere that you would be able to share? Thanks so much!

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