DIY project: Mossy monograms!


Good afternoon! I’m back in California after my trip home….and boy, was it an efficient trip! We got a lot of planning and projects done, because this week was the last that I’ll be home before I’m there for the wedding! We’re at 83 days right now, so the next flurry phase is the invitations. I’m designing my own…once they’re printed, I’ll get a post up about that!

This project was one of my favorites from my trip home. We’ll be using the monogram to decorate the front door of the venue:


It was pretty simple to make and took literally about 15 minutes. Here’s what you’ll need:

-1 spool of 2″ ribbon, color of your choice, about $3-4
-3 craft letters, purchased from Michael’s or other craft store. We picked two white, and the one we used for the middle “B” was a little bit larger and flatter to emphasize the last name. Cost per letter is $1-2
-one bag of flat sheet moss, about $5. I used about 2/3 of a bag for one letter.
-hot glue gun


Step one: lay letter(s) down that you’ll be covering in moss. You can choose to cover them all in moss, or just one!


Step two: hot glue the moss to the wood letter.


Step three: add loose moss in patches on top of the glued moss. It will make it look a little more woodsy and natural!

Then, cut the ribbon into thirds and tie to the letters. Hang from desired location!


This was an easy way for us to incorporate our monogram into our wedding venue, and it also serves as an easy, do-ahead decoration!

Enjoy the rest of your week, lovelies!


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11 comments on “DIY project: Mossy monograms!

  1. Michelle Werther writes...

    Hi! My daughter in law showed me the coolest front door decoration using a large monogram with silk gerber daisies. I didn’t bring a camera to take a photo to send you but do you have any ideas on how we could make something like this on our own? We’re not very crafty but we sure do want to be! HELP!

  2. Hi, Michelle! That sounds like a great DIY project for yourself and your daughter. The amount you will need depends on the size of your monograms, but estimate that each gerbera will span about 3 inches and that you want them tightly packed rather than sparsely so. You have a couple of options here:

    1) If you would like to use fresh gerberas, you can purchase them in bulk from a wholesaler such as Purchase some floral sponge letters like these (, float them overnight in water until they sink to the bottom (this means they are holding water) and insert the cut daisies into the floral foam. Do note that the gerbera stems are fairly weak, so it would be a good idea to leave the plastic stem enforcers that come on gerberas on them as you insert the stems into the foam.

    2) Using fake gerberas. Make sure you do splurge on some nice ones; fake gerberas do tend to look, well, fake, so unless you get some very nice ones it might end up looking tacky. Save on Crafts is a nice site with some listed, link: Use letters like the ones I used in the moss project above, which can be found at a local craft store, and I would also recommend spraypainting the letters the same color as the gerberas to prevent the white of the wood from peeking through. Then hot glue the heads of the gerberas onto the letters, attach the ribbon of your choice, and you’re good to go!

    Hope that helped!

  3. Briana writes...

    Hi, Robyn! Mine are still green 1 year later. I’d say go ahead and make them a month in advance to keep them nice and green for the wedding.

  4. Hannah writes...

    Question– Does the moss die soon after this? Would it be better to buy fake moss?

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