Wedding Details: Thumbtack Wall Art


Tell me that somehow this could be used in a wedding… because it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Paper doilies and thumbtacks… that’s some serious creativity.

Ideas, people?

{citypix via Creature Comforts and Oh So Beautiful Paper}

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4 comments on “Wedding Details: Thumbtack Wall Art

  1. Well, you probably couldn’t tack it on the wall at a rented venue, but you could cut cork board to fit the top of your cake table and use it there. And you could repeat the design on your cake, programs, centerpieces, custom wedding gown, etc…

  2. That IS beautiful! What kind of doilies did they use that were that small? or did they cute up larger ones? You could do your monogram on a wall behind your sweet heart table, cake table or guest book/escort card table!

  3. If you have a rented venue, use doilies and buttons, secured to the wall with funtac. You’d get that look without damaging the walls.

    Love it by the way.

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