Ceremony Details II


At 5 weeks to go until the wedding day, our to-do list still looks a little long. Thankfully, this afternoon we were able to cross off a big item from the list: choose and purchase wedding bands.

As I wrote before, my engagement ring was designed by M in conjunction with a rocks man and made by a craftsman in London’s Hatton Garden {the jewellery quarter of London since medieval times}. At the time I could only show you a very poor quality snap taken on the day we got engaged but here is a better photo:


{Image is of my ring via Duttson Rocks website}

So, we wanted our wedding bands to match my beautiful ring. We returned to the same craftsman, in his tiny studio, to discuss what we wanted. Our decision was very easy. We have opted for bands which match the band on the engagement ring but slightly wider at 3mm for mine and 5mm for M’s.

My ring was measured (and cleaned; it hasn’t looked so sparkly since M first gave it to me!) and then M’s finger was measured. A price was quoted and agreed and they will be ready next week. It couldn’t have been easier and I am so pleased that we have at last sorted them out. Really makes the wedding seem much nearer and real having ordered the rings.

What did you choose for your wedding band?  Was it an easy decision?

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13 comments on “Ceremony Details II

  1. What a gorgeous e-ring! We opted to go for different bands…future husband will wear a titanium band and mine matches my e-ring in yellow gold. My e-ring was custom designed by FH and a private goldsmith, so we worked with her to pick out the band, too. We still have 9 weeks to go and I cannot wait to wear my ring!


  2. Brooke writes...

    My engagement ring was custom designed… it has his mom’s diamond 1 1/4 carat with 2 small sapphires (my birthstone) encrusted in rope design band (it’s really pretty). He bought the wedding band to match, so I’ll have 5 sapphires on that (really small). The bands are white gold.

    His band was purchased online of all places ( and is white gold in Comfort Fit. Really nice !

  3. YAY FOR AQUA ENGAGEMENT RINGS!! :) We’re not at the wedding band part yet, but we have already discussed incorporating the aqua stone in both his and my ring. Looking forward to see what you put with your ring! Did you have a problem finding a band that sits right with your engagement ring?

    kalikiana’s most recent blog post: The Hunt for the Dress

  4. All your rings sound fab!

    I decided just to go with a straight band rather than having a curve put in it. I rather like the imperfection of 2 rings which don’t quite sit together. The e-ring’s stones are deliberately set quite high though to allow for a plain band to sit next to/underneath the stones slightly anyway. I also wanted the band to look nice on it’s own so I don’t always *have* to wear them both together.

    So we pick them up next week and then we only have to wait a month to wear them!

  5. Rachel – I wanted something similar, just a plain round band in the same width as my e-ring. Unfortunately, the goldsmith didn’t really agree and made it come up a bit with the e-ring…it’s ok for now, but FH knows I’m not in love with it and knows my love for eternity bands, so hopefully for an anniversary or something. ;)

  6. @Amanda P – It can sometimes be frustrating when craftspeople insist they know better! I guess what you could do is just take her word for it and then perhaps when you are wearing it every day it will start to feel ‘right’. As you say, there is always room for another option in an eternity band for an anniversary.

    That was always a thought of mine, that if I had a plain band for a wedding band, I could have a more decorated band on the other side as an eternity ring at some point in the future.

    Our other ring question is whether M should stop wearing his signet ring {a plain gold and white band} he has always worn on his little finger. I think he should continue to wear it, just on the other hand, he thinks he should only wear one ring. Endless discussions!

  7. @Rachel – I think you’re right…I wanted to have the option to wear the rings separately; however, now I plan to have them soldered together. They do look beautiful together, I’m just not a fan of the wedding band by itself. Also, it seems to distract from the beautiful cathedral setting. The way the band was made, we could even set diamonds into it if we want in the future and they would cascade down the sides, so we’ll see if it “grows on me.”

    FH wears a “practice” ring and has an order of engineers ring on his pinky as well. He will probably ditch the practice ring, but keep the other ring. It’s funny how something like that is such a hard decision…especially for men, it surprises me. :)

  8. @Amanda P – I guess as M doesn’t wear any jewellery apart from that ring he is not used to it. It took me a while to start wearing other jewellery with my e-ring but I am now happy to wear rings on my other hand again. Perhaps once he is used to his wedding ring he will wear the other ring again as well.

    Your plans for your wedding band sounds like you are making the best of the ring. Perhaps when the wedding has taken place and the ring has meaning and a day of memories attached to it, it will, as you say “grow on you”!

  9. @Rachel – I’m sure you are right…once you put it that way, it only makes sense that it would grow on me. :)

  10. Bells writes...

    Such a beautiful ring Rachel!
    I’m actually having a similar dilema as M – I haven’t worn my family signet ring since I got engaged as it just feels like too much bling and I’m jsut not used to it! This is despite my boy getting me a gold e-ring to match it. Maybe I’ll try it on the other hand and see that works!

  11. Love the look of your engagement ring. Not everyone wants a traditional diamond, and the stone looks gorgeous. And glad to see that you chose platinum, as you can get it refinished over and over.

    And isn’t a ring on each hand every girl’s dream? :)

  12. Thanks for all your comments regarding my engagement ring.

    @Professional B’maid – I love aquamarines too and was so pleased when I first saw the ring.

    @Bells – I think you do ‘get used’ to the e-ring after a while. I now can wear other jewellery again but for a good few months I thought it looked too much. I think a wedding ring/e-ring on one hand and a signet ring on the other can look very nice.

    @Rick – it is. An eternity ring would make a lovely gift down the line at a big anniversary.

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