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One of my favorite elements of our wedding so far is definitely our popcorn bar.  Vince and I are HUGE popcorn eaters, and I love the idea of having different flavors for our guests to chose from.  I found this picture here after doing a google image search:


While I love this style, I found the jars to be impractical for scooping popcorn out easily.  One day at Hobby Lobby my mom and I came across these:


We bought the three that they had, and I’m still on the hunt for one more.  I think they are perfect because 1) they are big so the staff won’t have to worry about refilling them every hour and 2) the mouth is wide enough for a hand and scoop to get in and out! YAY!

I had one of my favorite etsy sellers, Julie with Bohtieque, make our labels to go on the popcorn bags.  She matched our invitations perfectly (which I just realized I need to show y’all…next post!)…


We haven’t found the bags we are going to use yet, but that’s the easy part!  I also haven’t decided which online popcorn store I’m going to be ordering from, but again, that’s just about pricing them and ordering.

I know candy buffets are popular, but are any of you lovely ladies doing an interactive favor like this?

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  1. I LOVE this idea! YUM! If you are interested in ordering some super yummy popcorn, you could try Garret’s Popcorn from Chicago. They are HUGE here – people literally line up down the block to get popcorn! I don’t know if they would be the cheapest, but probably the tastiest!

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  2. Jess writes...

    We are also having a popcorn buffet! We’re using Kernel Encore out of Orlando… they have 189 different flavors!! AH-MA-ZING!!!

  3. Popcorn bar!! Love it. The guests must have gone wild. As long as the popcorn doesn’t get sticky from too many hands reaching in the glass- that is a fab idea.

  4. amy writes...

    we had a popcorn bar at our wedding on Sept 6 2009 we had 4 different flavors we displayed our popcorn in large silver beverage tins and had cellophane wedding bags with twist ties for the guest to fill up themselves. this saved us time on favors and everyone loved the idea we got our popcorn from Pittsburgh Popcorn Co .

  5. My name is Cori I run a Gourmet popcorn shop called Chicago Popcorn Works on the North Side of Chicago. Offering Chicago Style favors as well as welcome bags for out of town guests. Our favors are used for all occasions; using creative sayings like “He Popped the Question!” or “She’s going to POP! It’s a BOY!” . We also offer a Sweet Table Option for events. We rent out our Large Apothecary jars they are filled full of popcorn! Please look over our website. Our logo says Chicago and we have the skyline in our logo not to mention our great flavors!

  6. My name is Jennifer and I run a Gourmet popcorn and confectionary shop located 2 blocks east of US Cellular Field in Chicago. We offer a variety of gourmet popcorn, fudge, individually hand-dipped caramel pecan patties, bulk candy and nuts. Our products are made with natural, fresh ingredients including real creamery butter, ground herbs and spices, pure cane brown sugar, the best chocolate and more. Please check out our Special Events/Corporate Pages at

  7. We are a gourmet popcorn store located in Frankemuth Michigan that offers over 40 different flavors. We’ve had many customers recently ordering popcorn to coordinate with their wedding colors, as well as just picking their favorite flavors. We ship anywhere in the lower 48 states with great prices and prompt service. If anyone lands here and is still looking, please check us out at

  8. Here at Kernel Encore in Orlando, Florida, we make over 200 Gourmet flavors of popcorn. We have the biggest variety anywhere. We ship everywhere. We have been the “Snack of the Day” on Rachel Ray. We can match your theme or your colors. Nobody does it like we do after all…. The Best Popcorn Starts With The Kernel.

  9. Laura Pell writes...

    We are going to do a popcorn bar in Oct at my sons wedding. I think adults would enjoy it better then candy. I have already tested my carmel corn colored coral and navy and its so cool. That will be called wedding flavor/ so that will save a little. I found a vendor that will give me a little deal but it will still cost a bout 400.00 for 3 other flavors especially if you want a choc flavor The choc flavors like kit cat snicker are to die for. But its still cheaper than 6 to 9 dollars a head for appetizers. This will be more fun. I am using bushel baskets for each flavor. popcorn will be in clean bags and will have a scoop. Found wedding color bags to order on Etsy. Making a fabric banner and then making our own chalkboard of old frame to announce popcorn bar when dancing starts. Will set up our bags in old suitcases and will have 2 lines so people can get to it easier. When its gone it gone. planning on 4 to 5 flavors-plus my cool idea of her wedding colors. Cant wait!!

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