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I know birds and birdcages are all the rage in weddings right now, however, I’ve never really been completely enamored with them for our wedding, no matter how cute I find those details. Today, my opinion may have just changed. While on the hunt for inspiration for flower-free affordable centerpiece ideas, because contrary to popular belief even a simple grouping of pillar candles can get very pricey very quickly, I stumbled upon these birdcages. They’re cute, they’ve got a fun vintage feel and they’re somewhat of a blanket canvas. Card holder? No thanks, I already have one of those that I’ll be sharing soon. Stick a pillar candle in it and call it a centerpiece? Now we’re talking.

Tell me, now wouldn’t these be just adorable amidst a collection of votives and tealights sparkling from assorted containers I’ve been amassing? And don’t forget all of those Christmas ornaments my mother and I hoarded after the holidays. I’m seeing an array of assorted found objects all artfully scattered around a birdcage centerpiece for tables that are fun, a bit unexpected and very pretty in a fun vintage, whimsical way.




[All photos via Save On Crafts]

And did I mention that each birdcage is only $9.99 at Save on Crafts? Because I don’t know about you but $13 centerpieces (give or take with a pillar candle added to the mix) are my kind of centerpiece. Plus, unlike flowers, I can sell these babies post wedding and recoup a bit of our expenses. I might be crazy, but I may just be onto something here. What says you?

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9 comments on “Birdcage Centerpieces

  1. I love the idea! Maybe you could fill it with some moss and a few candles. Just after Christmas I purchased mercury glass urns from Pottery Barn that were on clearance ($9.99 each) that I am going to fill with grapes, plums and pomegranates. I hope to sell most of them after the wedding too!

  2. terrie snyder writes...

    where can i find these birdcages? my daughter wants birdcage centerpieces for her wedding.

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi terrie – these birdcages are from save on crafts. but if you get lucky, you can also find birdcages as places like tj maxx, home goods, ross, marshalls, etc. good luck to your daughter!

  3. Kati writes...

    These are gorgeous we are buying the same ones for my sisters wedding! If you are looking to sell any after the wedding let me know :)

  4. Jamie writes...

    Hey Cyd, Do you still have the birdcages? And if so, are you willing to sell them?

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