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FINALLY… the reception!  You read awhile ago about the process of choosing my floor plan, and saw the layout of my reception.  As you may recall, we chose two 24′ estate tables, and here is how the centerpieces shaped up!  I was pretty much in love with them, so excuse the gratuitous amount of photos…





The centerpieces consisted of roses in varying shades of blush, cream, and white.  The roses were clustered in both low and lush rectangular arrangements and round arrangements.  Pedestal candle holders, pillar candles, votives in vintage and mercury glass, and scattered gold pebbles completed the look.



{Mark Brooke}


The whole room:


*all images by Jessica Claire unless otherwise noted

The recaps will be back next week with more tabletop specifics (menus and favors and place settings, oh my!) and the rest of the reception decor!  What do you think so far?

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49 comments on “Estate Table Centerpieces

  1. i love the setup of the whole reception. i love the nitty gritty details of the centerpieces. Flowers, candle holders and the scattered gold pebbles and how exquisite they all turn out to be. wow!

    just a suggestion. maybe you could have another type of ‘share’ button at end of post as this allows for blogger and other social networking media to link to this entry. here’s the link. you can check it out. thanks!

  2. I’m glad you posted so many pictures, because I got to enjoy your tables over and over. They are absolutely stunning, so romantic and monochromatic almost but with a touch of glitz that so many brides forget about. I love the copious amounts of candlelight…just breathtaking

    Chic Maps by Nikki’s most recent blog post: Edible Silver Beads!

  3. Oooh … the lighting is just beautiful! I love the various levels of candles and the subtle flowers. It’s all so romantic!

    Emily’s most recent blog post: Soulmates

  4. Lydia Chadwick writes...

    Hi there,
    Do you have the supplier details of the wine glass candle holders please? Or are they simply wine glasses with candles inside them?

    Thanks :-)

  5. elizabeth writes...

    hi lydia! those aren’t wine glasses, they are actually pedestal candle holders. my florist rented them but i’m sure if you google that term you’ll find several. good luck!

  6. nathalia lewis writes...

    i love this table decor it is beautiful and i would love if u can do my wedding just the same

  7. michelle writes...

    This table design and setting is breathtaking.. I look at it over and over because it is stunning! everything is elegant and fabulous! Just the right amout of class and so warm and cozy with all flowers and candels!! beautiful… well done!! :)

    • ami elizabeth writes...

      thank you everyone! you are so kind and i’m so glad you loved them as much as i did! :)

      @lyn – i am going to add your suggestion into the redesign coming soon. great feedback!

  8. Jan writes...

    I think this design is stunning. Where can I see pictures of the rest of the wedding?

  9. Ami Elizabeth writes...

    hi jan! you can find all of the posts about the event by clicking on “e’s vow renewal” up at the top under the post title. thank you so much for your kind words!

  10. Rachele writes...

    I hope you don’t mind—I stumbled upon these photos in google images a month ago or so and completely fell in love with your table design. I am having my florist re create this look (only a few modifications–ie: adding some white hydrangeas and blush peonies!)You have exceptional taste and I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration.

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi rachele! i don’t mind at all, in fact i’m thrilled and honored! please send photos of your wedding when you can!

  11. Maylinn writes...

    Ohhhhhh my!! so beautiful!I want it for my wedding!! I wonder how can I create the same table decoration pattern but with other colours, (I am not pretty good at combining colours) and at the same time giving it that heavenly romantic look! can you help me please??? I will aprreciate it so much! thx

  12. Amy writes...

    I was just wondering if you could tell me how many vases you had per table.

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      Hi Amy! Um… so, there were mercury glass vases, candelabra, and large rectangular centerpieces in no vases. Along with some scattered petals and beads and votives. I’d say just for the mercury glass vases, there were probably 10 per table? And there would also have been 10 large rectangular centerpieces, and maybe 10 tall candelabra and 6 pillar candle holders. No telling how many votives. I didn’t really give the florist specifics other than “fill it up!”, so I don’t have exact quantities.

      I hope this helps!

  13. Adriana writes...

    Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your design! I’m getting married in May 2012 and I’m so glad I came accross your blog because your design in exactly what I had in mind: cozy & romantic with LOTS of candles! I love the gold beaded chargers. They are also what I will have in my wedding : )

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi adriana! thank you so much for the sweet words, so glad you loved it and so glad you are here! :)

  14. Adriana writes...


    Where can I find the post that you mentioned above about the recaps with more tabletop specifics (menus and favors and place settings) and the rest of the reception decor?

    Thanks! : )

  15. Rebecca writes...

    So beautiful! Do you remember what color your linens were by any chance? I love the color.

  16. Sam writes...

    Hi…I’m so in love with this. I can’t explain how much so!! I’m hoping to use this for my vintage wedding next summer. I wanted to know if you think this would work on 60inch round tables. Do you have any advice? Also I noticed you have a ton of pics of vintage bridesmaid’s dresses but not the websites or stores where they can be found. Would you happen to have that information?

    Sam (vintagebride26)

    • Ami writes...

      hi sam! i’m so glad you loved the centerpieces and i think they would absolutely work on 60″ rounds. i’m not quite sure which bridesmaids dresses you are referring to, i can’t think of any “vintage” ones off the top, but if you comment on the post where you found them that would help me help you. thanks!

  17. Lane writes...

    Hi Ami,
    I’m so glad I found this page. I saw one of your pictures when I was searching “gold wedding reception” on google a month ago, and couldn’t believe I found this site today!

    Do you have any idea how many roses your florist ended up using? Or how many she used in each individual centerpiece? Everything was so beautiful- I’d love to try to be creative, but yours was just so perfect I don’t want to change anything :)

    • Ami writes...

      hi lane! thanks so much for the sweet words. :) unfortunately i have NO idea how many flowers she used, we had two large tables and she only priced the tables, never the flowers themselves. i’d hazard a guess there were hundreds on each table though. we had such a small event that we really went all out on the tables!

  18. Caitlin writes...

    I love this table setting and colors! What color bridesmaids dresses did you have? That is where I am struggling with these neutral colors.

  19. Alicia writes...

    Love these amazing tables. They are so similar to the romantic feel I was going for- specifically the use of the candles!
    I have been looking and looking for the goblet candle holders… I saw a few comments up that the florist rented them, but ANY more info on where I can rent/buy them? Tried Google and searching everywhere, so frustrated because most I find are no where near the right size bowl (mostly votive size). Thanks so much!

  20. Edita writes...

    What a lavish table setting! The bokeh effect of the photographs really highlights the centerpiece pictures. The centerpiece candle holders reminds me of ours.

  21. Mary writes...

    HI there,
    I love your reception decoration, the flowers are beautiful. I’m trying to do this myself to save money and buy the flowers in bulk, do you have any idea how many dozen roses you purchased?

  22. Sarah writes...

    Hi there! Your decor is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your photos!!!
    if you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay for the floral centerpieces?

  23. Sarah writes...

    Where did you find the tall stemmed glass candle holders? Beautiful!

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