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Remember when I was pretty convinced I wouldn’t have a cake…and then ordered a cake? Well, I wasn’t planning on having a cake topper, either. I know, the gall of going sans topper to my cake! (Our baker basically thinks I’m crazy for this one, let me tell ya!) As it turns out, there will be a cake topper after all, because I stumbled upon Quitesparkly on Etsy and fell in love with these paper roses she crafts by hand from the pages of old romance novels (unfortunately these are no longer available – try this listing instead!). Romance novel roses for the book-loving bride and her English teacher groom? It’s absolute perfection at a price that could not be beat. I think they will be absolutely divine stuck in a cluster atop our delicious cake – a little bit vintage, a little bit unexpected, a little bit sensational. Now, everyone cross your fingers that they get here in time from Australia! Are you using a cake topper or another element you found in an unexpected place?


[Paper roses by Quitesparkly – unfortunately these are no longer available – try this listing instead!]

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15 comments on “Topping It Off

  1. So cute! I actually looked at those in yellow for my own cake topper, but ended up going with kissing dutch figures since my fiance and i met while we were at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Glad you found a cake topper you love!

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  2. Marion writes...

    Hi! I’m new to Pinterest and saw these beautiful flowers. How do you make them?
    I think my grandchildren would love them. Thank you, Marion

  3. nafs writes...

    My dad made our wedding cake topper (you can see it here , as Ι didnt like conventional toppers and my husband wanted to have sth on the top of our cake. My dad ended up using these wooden straws (not sure how it’s called, and he made us this beautiful and simple topper.
    I love your flowers, maybe I ll try to make some to decorate our christmas tree!

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