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It’s no secret that I love daisies; I always have, and I always will. (Just check out the centerpieces from my bridal shower.) I love their bright colors and simplicity, and that they represent loyalty and love. How appropriate for our summer wedding! Fortunately Nick likes them, too, and fortunately I have a lovely bridesmaid who volunteered to make our bouquets, boutonnières, and arrangements with the flowers I adore oh so much. Her generosity is helping to keep us within budget, and it’s just so special that the bouquet I will carry will be crafted with such love.

We plan to include Gerbera daisies in reds, oranges, whites, and golds with green filler. We may also incorporate dahlias (the flower of August, a.k.a. our wedding month) of the same colors.

Here are our necessary bouquets and boutonnières: 1 bride, 6 bridesmaids, 1 groom, 7 groomsmen, 1 ring bearer, 2 fathers, and 1 grandfather. What about the mothers and grandmothers, you may ask? Well, I know corsages or wristlets are the traditional choice, but does anyone have a unique idea for the special ladies in our lives?

Here’s some of our inspiration:

{credit Meghan Sepe via Style Me Pretty}

{Michele Waite from Lyndsey + Matt’s wedding}

{the Knot}

As for reception decor, we plan to have a large bouquet of flowers and several candles at each of the up to 20 guest tables and sweetheart table. The bridesmaids’ bouquets will double as adornments for the gifts and desserts tables.

Both the flowers and candles will be placed in mason jars of different sizes. The jars fit right in with our outdoor rustic wedding on the river. And I was ecstatic to find 16 quart-size antique mason jars in the basement of a friend’s recently purchased “fixer-upper” home! The others will be purchased from an online seller such as Candle Soylutions. The jars may or may not include ribbons around the rims and pebbles in the bottoms. I know mason jars as decor is a hot trend right now; anyone have advice to share?

And more inspiration:

{credit Martha Stewart Weddings}

{credit Chelsea Elizabeth Photography}

{credit heidzillas}

{source unknown}

Are you using your favorite flowers for your wedding, too?

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6 comments on “Floral Inspiration

  1. I am also a fan of daisies! My favorites are dahlias and I hope they make an appearance.
    My mother and grandmother got special small bouquets at my sister’s wedding instead of corsages. Not sure it’s unique, but it is different from traditional corsages. :)

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  2. We did all gerbers for our wedding! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I posted our wedding slideshow (a little preview our photog made) and you can see some of our flowers there if you want!

  3. @Cassidy So lovely! Thanks for sharing; I’m going to pass along your slideshow to my BM/florist.

    @Mo I think I’m leaning towards small bouquets for the moms and grandmoms — thanks for the encouragement!

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  4. I’m doing Gerbera daisies in mason jars, too! I will hopefully have pictures up by this weekend of what I hope to do for my centerpieces. I’m trying to keep it very simple – daisies only in the mason jars, and lace-wrapped smaller glass jars with candles in them. We’ll see how it turns out.

    Kristy’s most recent blog post: Cake? Food? Maybe!

  5. @Kristy Just checked out the flower inspiration photos on your blog — my thoughts exactly! Can’t wait to see the centerpieces!

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  6. Hi Emily! I asked a question about moms on the EAD board too and Elizabeth sent me this link as a flower for their purse/clutch that I will most likely be doing:
    Also…if you’re thinking of doing colored mason jars, check out this DIY instead of buying them:
    I’m trying that this weekend…will certainly post and let everyone know how it goes!

    juel’s most recent blog post: DIYs I absolutely MUST try – Colorful Jars

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