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One of the most inspirational blog posts for me so far has been How to Design Vintage Monograms by Vintage Glam Weddings. So, my official first day that I was absolutely 100% completely and totally done with grad school, what do I do? Oh, you know…went back to Lehigh and checked out a book on monograms. Guess I just can’t stay away from the place.

But oh.em.gee. I found the coolest book I have ever seen.


The Alphabet of Monograms by Henry Lillie. Oh, can’t find it on Amazon? Hmm, maybe that’s because ISBN numbers weren’t around in 1865. How cool was it to pull that book out of the stacks and open up the front cover to find:


Yup, 1885. Pretty neat I think. Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

While it would have been way too nice of Mr. Lillie to think of us back in the 1800’s and make us an awesome monogram, no such luck. There were, however, CK and CKJ (would work beautifully if he would take my last name :) ).

Here are a couple pages from the book: A, C, and M.


{ all images taken from Alphabet of Monograms by me }

If you want me to check if your initials are in here, let me know! I’d be happy to look.

Is anyone planning on using their (or better yet creating their own) monogram in their wedding? Are you going vintage, contemporary, art deco…? I’d love to hear your ideas!!

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55 comments on “Vintage Monogram Inspiration

  1. What a fantastic find, and what an awesome cover! It’s so fun finding treasures in the library.
    I think we are going without a monogram, but if we had one, I’d make you look for our initials in that book. :)

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  2. PDX Amy writes...

    That’s the loveliest book I’ve ever heard of… I have a new crush. Thank you for sharing it with us. I work for the library system in Portland, but don’t see it in our collection. Will you see if my/ his initials are in there? AMF/ MTM. How would you determine what monogram to use for the wedding? Should it be the first letter of each of our names (A, M) and a large M for our last? Thanks for your help – and inspiration!

  3. Wow, that book looks amazing! I did a quick search on Google Books and found a few more antique monogram books. You can download the whole book as a PDF! I’m definitely going hunting for mine. (Art Monograms & Lettering, 1912) (Monograms, Historic & Practical, 1869)

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  4. I’d love it if you could look and see if ACG was one of them! This book is fabulous I bet!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments!
    @Mo – I know, it was so neat finding it and of course I had never been to that library on campus and now I can’t check books out anymore…oh well.
    @ Amy – Not sure where I remember reading it but monogram etiquette for weddings is to use your first initials and new last initial ONLY for post-ceremony stuff (meaning, no invitations, no programs, but definitely ok to use for the reception and thank you notes). If you’re going to use one before, use your first initials. So it’d be cool to use A&M for all pre-ceremony and then AMM for post-ceremony. Hope that makes sense…I did find AM & AF monograms in the book. Email me at {juel at eadweddings dot com}.
    @Clare – I actually found a CLR monogram in the book if by any chance your middle name starts with L? Let me know, and happy hunting!
    @Amber – I found an AG, AC, and a CG, would those help? Email me to let me know…{juel at eadweddings dot com}

    juel’s most recent blog post: DIYs I absolutely MUST try – Colorful Jars

  6. Jennifer writes...

    What an amazing find! I’ve been searching for just this type of book in hopes to come up with a old world monogram for myself.

    Would it be at all possible to search for JN or JCN? Thank you so much!!

  7. Mallory writes...

    So Beautiful!!! Would you look for our monogram? My fiance’s initials are JPW and mine are MRL so that would be MWJ

  8. Pamela writes...

    I was just trying to create mine when I came across your page. My initials are PED and his are JRK. So I guess the monogram would be PKJ. I’d love to see what you find. Thank you so much!!!

  9. karin writes...

    Are you DONE looking for people’s monograms? It was so nice of you to do so! If you have an ounce more energy to look one up, I’d love to know if you have an A and V. Thanks so much in advance! BTW, I found you googling “monograms” but in order to bookmark this page I need to find it on your website – all I see from Google is…/. Can you direct me? Thanks!

  10. Lauri writes...

    This is just what I have been looking for! I think I may have found a book that has these on cd rom so don’t have to do all of the computer scanning etc. Only prolem is, I don’t get to see what is has in it before I buy it! My daughter it getting married next spring and really wants to use something like this. Would you be willing to look up the versions of KM? I would so much appreciate it. We saw them in a store who was charging too much money and have been looking ever since. Now I have found you! Thank you in advance.

  11. Kirsten writes...

    I’ve been looking for something like this! I wish I still was in college because Lehigh was our sister school and it would be so easy to go check out this book for our initials. Any chance there is a KS monogram? I would greatly appreciate it!
    PS- I’m from central PA (although now living in CO) and getting married July 2010 too!

  12. Emily writes...

    very cool. i will have to keep this in mind for whenever it’s finally time for me to plan my wedding. i was happy to have stumbled across your entries on EAD, i live in the lehigh valley as well. :)

  13. Fellow Lehigh alum here (though I went for undergrad). I started the year before they renovated Linderman, and I’ll tell you, it was the reason I went there. The dome, the spiral staircases and the open stacks with gems hundreds of years old, just ready to be discovered. It was amazing, I’m so glad you found something sentimental there.

  14. Michelle writes...

    Hi, I bet you wish you never offered to look up initials – but I’m so glad you did LOL!!! I acutally don’t have a middle name so could you possible look for MW when you get a chance? Thanks so much. Michelle Winson

  15. Kristina writes...

    I wasn’t going to ask you until I saw that you just posted a couple days ago!!! Would you by any chance have a K C?? or a KLC would work too! my e-mail is thanks sooo much

  16. Lesley writes...

    I just found your site and love it! I, too, am planning a wedding and have been hunting for a monogram to use. I fell in love with one for JP and have been considering a name change! Could you look up LD, CL, and LWH? Thanks a bunch!

  17. Mitzi writes...

    What a FAB book – Can you look for designs with a large A (family name) and two M’s? thanks!

  18. danielle writes...

    These monograms are beautiful. Can you look up CMH? Thanks so much…….

  19. Jessica writes...

    Hi Juel,

    I absolutely love vintage monograms and was happy to find your post! Would you possibly have a monograms for JB? I have so many ideas for it! Many thanks!

  20. jenna writes...

    hi! this is so great to have found! would you be able to tell me if there’s AJN or JAN? thanks!

  21. Leslie writes...

    What a find! You are so generous to share! Do you happen to have LM? I have been obsessively searching for one and stumbled on your post and lovely blog.

  22. Anne Marie writes...

    Love your site and this book! I wish I could find it… Do you have any AMD (D) being the last name? Thank you so much!

  23. Nicole writes...

    What a find!!! I have been searching weeks trying to find the right one and I will be forever grateful if you could find mine :D

    NG or NAG… Yeah I have shocking combination… I read somewhere that they put the last name center so guess thats a lil help

  24. Nikki writes...

    I’m so jealous of that book! What a great find! If you can, I’d love to know what the initials NCD (D is the last name) would be. Thanks :)

  25. Isabelle writes...

    I found your page while searching for information about 4 gorgeous pages of antique monograms by J. M. Bergling that fell out of an antique book on Astronomy ( MY passion) that I bought on Ebay.
    These pages must be late 1800’s as my book is 1890. They have that look. The paper is thick, yellow with age and the monograms just BEAUTIFUL!
    I would like to perhaps sell them to someone interested in this subject and need information on how to price them properly. I have been looking for a couple of hours on the internet but am not getting anywhere with all of the titles I could think of: Jm Bergling, monograms, lettering, combinattion, etc etc…
    Well, if anyone can help, I’d be forever grateful!
    Thank you very much, Cheers!
    Isabelle in Victoria BC Canada

  26. Isabelle writes...

    Hi Nicole, please send me your email address if you wish, and I’ll send you photos,

  27. Isabelle writes...

    By the way, in regards to the pages I talked about above, 2 pages are perfect, the other 2 sadly are fragments, although still quite beautiful!
    The perfect pages both have the whole alphabet in three differents styles each, so six styles in all.
    The other 2 pages, the fragments, are older than the “perfect” pages. One has the alphabet twice in different styles and the other has part of the alphabet a,b,c,d, part of e, j,k,l,m,almost the whole n, part of o, and the tail end of p. S,t,u,v,w,x, and y are perfect, there is no z… These are all in yet another style.
    Gorgeous all…
    My email is:
    Thanks everyone!

  28. suzan writes...

    hi juel,

    i would love to have a design for the letters “m” & “s”, surname “c” from that book if its availble!

    please email me a design if you have on in it :)

    or anyone else!!



  29. Oh this is so lovely! I’m trying to collect inspiration for a monogram for my fiance and i. His initials are JRC and mine are RJA. We haven’t decided what we are going to do for our new last name yet, so at this point I’m looking for a pretty R and J collaboration. I would be delighted if you would take a look in your gem of a book. Thank you!

  30. Kimberly writes...

    This is amazing! My fiance and I are doing a 1930s inspireed wedding and I have been researching vintage fonts and monograms so my cousin, who is an artist, can design a monogram for us, which we plan to use in several ways, beginning with the invitations and Save the Date!
    I feel awful asking since I can see you’ve already been inundated with requests, but if you have the time, I would be grateful if you would be so gracious as to look up both KD/ DK and DEK combinations. :)
    Thank you in advance for sharing this book… I will continue to look for it! My email is

  31. glenda writes...

    the monogram book is gorgeous! I collect monogram books but this certainly is not one I have or have seen. Could you please look for SM? What a find!

    Many thanks to you.

  32. Erica writes...

    Hi there! This is amazing! I saw Darcy Miller from Martha Stewart Weddings had something like this.

    I’m looking for something creative for E and R…or E R M. The new last name will begin with an M. E is for my name, R is for his. E M R or R M E or just E R or R E would be wonderful.

    This book looks like a great find!

  33. Angel writes...

    Hi I’m also looking for T and A or His initials are TPI and my initials are ACS. Can be T+A or TA monograms. I really love your site. Thanks for sharing. Hope to hear from you. :D Thanks so much!

    • Alison writes...

      I am also looking for a mongram with T & A. Have you had much luck? I would love to hear from you. I just found this site and I love it! Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

  34. Dina writes...

    Wow! What an AWESOME find! I am trying to design our monogram to look vintage because I have had no luck finding D & R or D and R with surname B anywhere. Everything I have found is very plain and modern. The few companies that sell “vintage” monograms for hundreds just do not have a true hand drawn vintage look. I would be eternally grateful if you still have the book and it has anything with D & R or DBR… Thanks for your post about this and I love your whole blog!

  35. Pauline writes...

    Good morning, we are trying to create monograms with PFA but without success so far.

    Could you please look and see if it exists in the book ? We’ll be getting married in May 2012 :)

    Thank & beautiful article :)

  36. Sterling writes...

    Incredible find!! Would you mind looking for S and B, last name will be D…

    a million thanks!!

  37. Hi Anne! Not sure if they have the book photocopied or anything anywhere…maybe check your library to see if they know of any other libraries that may have it near you? If you’re anywhere near Eastern PA, stop by Lehigh University!

  38. Marina writes...

    Good afternoon!
    Could you please check the AM or RB, (maybe also ARQ, MMB)?
    I will be really grateful!

  39. Cacá writes...

    Hello! I’m from Brazil and I would love if you could please check a monogram for GM (Gabriella and Marco). Thank you so much!!!

  40. Nicole writes...

    I have been after a monogram for NG. Or even nice N or G that have been used in other monograms that way I can use it to make my own.

    Thanks so much for you help :D

  41. Daniel writes...

    Hi!! I would love i you could show me the pages of AD DG and GM… You will help me a lot becasue i am creating a monogram THX :)

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