The eight-week freakout… and a call for help.


I have one of those countdowns on my Facebook profile that tells me how many days are left until the wedding. I used to think it was a fun, quirky thing to have, but as the number gets smaller and smaller, I find myself getting more and more freaked out about how little time we have left. There’s just so much to do!

Our wedding planner keeps telling me to delete that countdown (I won’t, just because it comes in handy at times), but I am looking at it less and less.

Still, we’re sending out our invitations on Monday, so it’s impossible to ignore that we officially have (breathe) eight weeks until the wedding.


Breathe, Shelley.

Eight weeks. No problem, right? We pretty much have everything done, right? Okay, so hair and makeup isn’t nailed down yet but we have trials scheduled. And we haven’t totally nailed down the cake either but we have a tasting on the books.

And the rest is just little stuff. Like our vows and some little DIY projects like our programs, menus, table “numbers,” etc. I can do this. I know I can.

And yet… I just get myself stressed out. (So stressed in fact that I wound up with shingles, but that’s another story you can read more about here.)

One thing I’ve been thinking on for weeks now without getting anywhere is what do get my bridesmaids for their gifts. I’m totally stumped on this point. I want the gifts to be fun and special but I don’t have the biggest budget in the world for them.


For awhile I thought I’d put together a gift bag for each of them. I read about these super comfortable and flattering undies called Hanky Panky (have you tried them? They’re awesome.), that I thought could be a fun part of a gift bag but at $18 a pop, we’re almost at half my per bridesmaid budget.

Now I’m leaning toward getting each gal one nice thing. I thought about iPods or silver Tiffany necklaces but both are out of my budget for sure. And that’s really all the progress I’ve made on the attendant’s gifs.

So fellow brides-to-be out there, do you have some ideas to share for the bridesmaids gifts? I’m all ears!

(And p.s. I’m fresh out of ideas on my gift for the groom as well!)

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16 comments on “The eight-week freakout… and a call for help.

  1. Something pretty always works as a great bridesmaid gift, rather than Tiffany have a look at Etsy and find pieces that are unique and individual for each of your bridesmaids.

    If you have time you could also have a thank you tea party for your bridesmaids – very girly, lots of chatting and maybe even helping you make your DIY projects that you have left!

    Good luck with all your plans!

    Suz’s most recent blog post: Jul 19, Making a cheap wedding

  2. Nicole-Lynn writes...

    When I was a MOH for a good friend, she gifted the bridesmaids blurb style books with pictures of each friend and her througout the years. Each book was very personalized and she even wrote everyone a page in the back which was very sweet. Then she went to bath and body works and got each girl something in their favorite scent, and she also made our pearl necklaces that we wore to her wedding and can wear afterwards. It’s all about personalizing it to your bridesmaids..

    Also, has great, handmade, unique gifts! Jewlery, handbags, monogrammed items…

  3. i definitely went overboard on my gifts, but i only have 2 MOHs so i can justify it : )
    anyway, one thing i did that might work for you is i got them each makeup bags and had them monogrammed. then i’m adding a few little things in there for each of them (some from the B&BW bins and some from the Body Shop sales).
    i also got them packs of Hue shoe stuff (all the extra padding & stuff that makes shoes wearable : )

    can’t wait to hear what you end up doing!

  4. hmm . . .what about a magazine subscription? I know that is sorta dorky – but sometimes its something that someone wouldn’t buy for themselves, but that they would really enjoy. And it is definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

    alisha’s most recent blog post: can’t keep a good woman down

  5. I bought each of my bridesmaids different gifts. For my MOH, a quirky, unique lover of makeup and accessories, I got her a cute monogrammed tote, a few fun, quirky gifts, and a custom perfume made by Sweet Anthem (an Etsy shop). (She knew ahead of time, but was able to customize it herself and it will be here before the wedding). It was $25 for a small vial! :) For another bridesmaid, a lover of things chocolate and a baker at heart, I got her a fabulous cookbook and chocolate mill from Williams-Sonoma, and several gourmet chocolate bars. For the last bridesmaid, a stressed mom of 3, a gift certificate to her local spa for a 60-minute massage. My total budget was $60-75, but you could easily do personalized gifts with the rest of your budget! :) Good luck!!

  6. You should do some browsing on for some cute and unique gifts. Whenever I want to get someone a gift that is extra special and unique I go to Etsy and have a look around. Spa Therapy shop on Etsy is one of my favorites for girly gifts.

  7. I agree about etsy. A couple of ideas I’ve had…you could get them all robes and have them embroidered. You could find them inexpensive original prints/artwork on etsy or you could have overnight bags made in fabrics that match your wedding colors. again on etsy. i’m thinking about doing the last item. you could even pick the fabric and send it to the person to make them. either by contacting a seller or using the etsy custom feature where you post your project ideas and people bid on them. good luck! and post here and let us know what you do! (even if it’s after the wedding)

    Heather’s most recent blog post: Walking Down the Aisle

  8. kara writes...

    I got my girls a vera bradley tic tac toe bag on sale for $25. If you go to her website, I believe they are on sale now. I picked colors that I thought each BM would like.
    This might be out of your budget, but I bought each of them a cashmere cardigan from jcrew (on sale of course) that matched their dresses…. maybe something along those lines would work for you.
    Finally, I bought each a novel that I thought they’d enjoy.

  9. What if you have a “beauty night” where you invite the girls over for an informal slumber party? You can have an at-home spa and do your nails and pretend you’re in high school again. Each gift could contain nice spa/beauty products for everyone to try and take home. It will be inexpensive, fun and memorable.

    Jenn’s most recent blog post: Anzac Biscuits and Coffee and Walnut Cake

  10. emily writes...

    Hanky Panky’s are on sale at nordstrom (and online) right now for under $12 ! I’m a huge fan too, so that could be a way to do it!

  11. Hey girls – thanks for all the super comments! You all really snapped to attention and came through on this one.

    So I’m still feeling this idea out, but I’m leaning toward the idea of getting each girl a really nice tote bag/purse as the main present, but then stuffing it with all sorts of fun (and affordable) stuff for them to use on the wedding day like bottle water, cookies, snacks, makeup, etc. And then with some personalized things in there, like I was thinking of a magazine in each that relates to each girl’s interests. Or maybe a book I know they’d enjoy.

    And of COURSE I know about Etsy! I can’t believe I forgot to mention that in my post. I love Etsy! I do Etsy giveaways on my blog all the time (one coming up next week by the way!). It’s just that when you have no idea where to start, searching “jewelry” on Etsy gets you like 10,000 hits!

    I’ll keep you posted on whatever I end up doing for sure!

    shelley’s most recent blog post: Welcome my latest addition.

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