A Well Knit Wedding


I have a confession…I knit…yes just like your grandma.  I sort of self-taught myself after Lance moved to Virginia so I would have something to do on those cold weekend nights…and ever since then I’ve been somewhat obsessed…um my blog is called Run, Knit, Get yeah.

Although my needles have not been getting as much love lately with this whole wedding planning hoopla…I would still like to incorporate this part of me into our wedding.  I have seen several cute ways to do this…and thought I’d share a few…ya know…just in case you want to add one more project to that “to do” list :)

* Wedding dress bolero


There are actually several patterns out there for boleros or shawls that you could make to go over your dress.  My go-to place for all things knitted (patters, yarn, pics) is Ravelry.  If you do a search for “wedding” or “bolero” or “shawl” you’ll get a bunch of different options to choose from.  The pattern for this particular one can be found here.  If you’re feeling really crafty (read: crazy) you could even knit one for each of your bridesmaids!!

* A knitted garter.


I definitely plan on having one of these.  In fact, one of my good friends (who also knits…much better than I) has graciously offered to knit me one as a gift!  Awesomeness right?!  The pattern for this cute garter can be found here on Knitty….(one of my fave free knitting pattern sites!)

Or maybe if you just want some sleeves for that cute sleeveless dress you plan to wear…


Appropriately named “I Do”…the pattern for this cute option can be found here.

* Knitted bouquet wrap


I don’t have the pattern for this one…but a fellow blogger sent this picture to me and I LOVE it!  If I think about it for a while (with the added help of my knitting friends!) I can probably come up with a pattern for this…so I might just have to make one for each of my BM’s bouquets!

* Wedding Cake



No it’s not edible…but it would sure be one heck of a conversation starter!

* Your entire wedding…knitted.

Maybe you have a somewhat unhealthy obsession for all things knitted…then you could be like this couple and knit your entire wedding!


the dress and flowers…the bm dresses.


the champagne.


yes even the camera was knitted.

(pics from here)

So….anyone else out there planning to do a little knitting for their Big Day??

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12 comments on “A Well Knit Wedding

  1. Wow, I’m not sure about having the entire wedding knitted…but I would definitely love to knit something for my wedding. It’s been a long time since I busted out the needles though, I need to change that soon! Can’t wait to see what knitted touches you end up with!

  2. Erin writes...

    I was going to knit and felt pretty little clutches for my girls, but other tasks overtook that project. My mom knit me the most adorable shrug to wear in the evening, but it was never cool enough. It got used during the honeymoon though and people actually stopped me on the street to tell me how much they loved it!

  3. I’m on Ravelry, too, as Mikaiya. Like Bronwen above, I’m knitting lace shawls for my four bridesmaids. Nearly done with number two, now, for our November wedding. Whew!
    .-= Mikaiya’s most recent blog post: Distractions =-.

  4. Although I love knitting, I’m not sure how I’d incorporate it into our wedding. The only thing I was thinking is to knit blankets for my bridesmaids? I can definitely see some felted stuff for a fall/winter wedding though!! I think a felted clutch would be such a nice gift for the moms.
    .-= juel’s most recent blog post: How to get the word out about a ceremony musician? =-.

  5. Thanks for featuring the knit bouquet wrap!! It was a super cute alternative to ribbon and a great way to bring out personality and style to their wedding. I say, do it! :)



  6. WOW!! It is so nice to see so many knitters out in the wedding world!! Awesomeness!!

    If you all knit something you MUST post pics on your blogs so I can see!!! I’ll be watching :)

    Oh and if you are on Ravelry…I am “Nebrasky”…you can check out my knitted stuff there!!

    Bronwen and Mikaiya: kudos to both of you for knitting shawls for you BMs!! WOW…I’m sure they will LOVE them!! I debated about knitting something for my BMs…and I still might…but probably not something as time intensive and amazing as a lace shawl!

    Time to break out the needles!!
    .-= Stephanie’s most recent blog post: StephsNation =-.

  7. I would love to knit a bouquet for my wedding , as I am in my sixties it would be nice too keep . I am not brilliant on the p/c but I’m trying my best to buy a knitting pattern for one……x

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