Is it chilly in here?


Let’s face it: a lot of wedding gowns aren’t usually exactly, well, warm.  Especially if you’re having a spring or winter wedding, your options for wraps may seem limited to some sort of white satin wrap-type thing.  But why not get a bit creative with your snuggie?

Photo by Belathee via OnceWed

LOVE this greenish-yellow cardigan…

Photo by Parker J via OnceWed

And this bride pulls off this fantastic, fluffy shrug so perfectly!

Photo by Andrew and Jessica via me!

I was quite fond of mine (plus I can still wear it around)…

Here are some more for your consideration.  Are you choosing a fun bolero, shrug, or wrap?

From Bonzie‘s Etsy Shop

Also from Bonzie‘s shop…this woman is brilliant

From Toccata‘s Etsy Shop

From Selecta6′s Etsy Shop

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12 comments on “Is it chilly in here?

  1. what a stunning photo from Parker J! He is defiantly one of my favoirte photographers to admire. I love the idea of the cardigan and wraps our brides are wearing this year. Its the perfect way to bring a little more of your personality into your day.

  2. Andrea writes...

    I absolutely adore the last one from Etsy, it’s still on there & is only $53!!! I think that will by my choice, thank you SO much for sharing! Our wedding day is in March in South Carolina, it could be warm or chilly, so I want to be prepared.

    • elizabeth writes...

      hi andrea! i’m actually from greenville, sc – where are you getting married?

  3. Andrea writes...

    Hi, Elizabeth! Oh, that’s cool, great area! I’m getting married in Moore (it’s towards Spartanburg).

    • elizabeth writes...

      so fun to see someone getting married in my old hometown! i have good friends in moore and my parents live in spartanburg. :)

  4. Andrea writes...

    Too cold there for me, lol! My fiancee’ is from upstate NY, but thank goodness he doesn’t ever want to move back home!
    Question for you, since you seem to be the MIP (Most Important Person) around here… is it possible for me to set up a blog on here? I’d love to do that, such a wonderful community, and I have questions that I think the great readers on here could help with.

  5. Michelle writes...

    I want that shrug in that pic by Parker J, do any of you know where I can get a shrug like that or similar???

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