Up in the Rafters


I’m still on a hunt to find something to hang across the beams in our venue. I saw these lovely garlands and thought they were beautiful!

{ photo by our labor of love via once wed }

So, off I went to try and find some sort of template to make these fabric flowers. I knew I had seen something like this, and then remembered that of course Martha has one!

Then of course, I still like the pom and ribbon idea:


{ photos by Aaron Delesie via Style Me Pretty and  Style Me Pretty }

So, what do you think? If we’re looking to do tables and flowers along these lines:

{ photo by Steve Steinhardt }

{ photo by Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me Pretty }

For our venue, what do you think we should hang from the beams?

1) Fabric Dahlia Garlands
2) Multi-Color Tissue and Ribbon Poms

{ photo from our venue }

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4 comments on “Up in the Rafters

  1. Lydia Joy writes...

    I saw your post a few days ago about your new love of pom poms over Chinese lanterns, and I remembered that I had seen a DIY tutorial for how to make some. I looked around through all the blogs I read and couldn’t find it. I thought maybe I had dreamed it. Anyway, yesterday I happened upon it! Here’s the link.

    I tried it out last night, and I made some mini poms, about 1 1/2 inches wide, and they’re gorgeous! I absolutely love them. I would highly recommend making them this way as the tutorial is very well done, and they’re easy to make. Perhaps this would help you out?
    Happy Planning!

  2. I love garlands too!
    Do you have any pictures of decorations hanging in your venue? I vote for garlands, I’m thinking the simpler the better, but it’s hard for me to visualize them hanging from the beams.
    .-= Mo’s most recent blog post: handle & spout =-.

  3. I love the pom and ribbon idea. The picture you posted is so pretty, however, I’m afraid that for your venue they might be a little too much. I think the garland might be better for the rafters. To be honest, I think with your centerpieces, you could get away with not putting anything on the rafters. The venue is pretty enough on it’s own and won’t require much decoration.

  4. Andrea writes...

    I think the big poms would be perfect… anything smaller in scale will get lost with that gorgeous, huge fireplace in the middle & the large scale of the beams

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