What’s the deal with send-offs?


Really though, what’s the story?

Birdseed, flower petals, confetti to send off from the church. Got it.

{ image from Seasons of Life }

But what about the getaway from the reception? Sparklers, bubbles, etc…

{ image from Seasons of Life }

Are you supposed to do two send-offs?

I like the idea of doing a ribbon wand send off from the church, but I also like the idea of a sparkler send-off from the reception.

{ photo by Birdsong Photography via polka dot bride }

Is it normal to do two send-offs? What’s the deal? I feel like making people line up and cheer for us more than once would be a lot…

What did you/are you going to do?

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9 comments on “What’s the deal with send-offs?

  1. I’ve never heard of anyone doing two send-offs. In fact, I’ve never attended a wedding that did a send-off from the ceremony, it’s something I’ve only seen in movies and a few pictures. Every wedding I’ve attended that had any kind of send-off kept it to the departure from the reception.

    Though, to be honest, the best wedding I’ve ever attended did not have a send-off at all. The bride & groom stayed up to party with the last of the guests, and we all had a blast drinking wine, singing, and reminiscing into the early hours of the morning. We got up and joined them for the family breakfast the next morning. A few of us snuck out while they packed their bags and decorated their car. The closest thing to a send-off was just hugging everyone goodbye in the morning.
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  2. Mary writes...

    Here–most send offs are at the church, not the reception–for the mere fact (as the poster mentioned above) the bride and groom can stay and party until the very end. Those that are at the reception often the brides and grooms come back to party after the official send off anyway! I like both!

    I see no problem in doing two! They would both be different and cute, and I personally like lining up and cheering :)

  3. That sparkler picture is so pretty.
    I agree, two send offs is a bit much. I like the ribbon wand idea! We might give them out to guests for our ceremony too. If it’s at the ceremony I see it more as a “yay! you’re married! I have something pretty to wave!” rather than a send off.
    We aren’t doing a reception send off because we’re probably having an after-party and it’d be weird to do a send off and then regroup with our friends 10 minutes later.
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  4. Danielle writes...

    While 2 send offs is unconventional, it doesn’t have to be overkill. What if you wrote into your programs that guests will wave their ribbon wands at the kiss and during the recessional (insert witty play on words here)…. and then have everyone do the formal line up and sparkler departure at the end of the evening.

    The departure at the end of the evening can be both a matter of form and function. Most likely you will have your venue rented for a specific amount of time and going over that can lead to charges. Thus, announcing a last dance with everyone, followed by a thank you farewell speech by the bride and groom and then asking everyone to line up outside and bid you farewell is a great idea. While everyone is lining up, have a last dance with just the two of you- it makes for amazing photos….

  5. I like the idea of having them wave wands as we recess down the aisle instead of out of the church! Is that ok? I guess I’ve just never seen anyone do anything during the recessional…doesn’t mean that we can’t as long as it’s ok with the church though, right? That way they’re not lining up twice. Good ideas!!!! You guys rock.
    Danielle – I like the idea of the last dance leading into the farewell. I’m not sure how strict the venue is, but we are supposed to be finishing up by 10PM so that is an excellent idea!
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  6. From what I’ve seen… the North tends to do send-offs from the church, the South tends to do them after the reception :) I’ve also had brides do it with the recessional (one had rice, one did lavender).

  7. our reception site was trying to push the end of night send off as well, and at first we said “okay?!” just thinking fine, we’ll do something like this. maybe sparklers, something like that?
    and when wedding day came we had our birdseed send off as we left the church and we knew we didn’t want to make a big deal at the reception.
    once we got there we told the planner we were scratching that off the itinerary. we skipped it and i wouldn’t change that decision for anything : )

  8. We did the ribbon wands during the recessional in the church…so it can most definitely be done! The pictures from it were awesome!!

    The way the church was set up and how things were scheduled, doing a regular send off outside afterwards would have been a bit awkward and we wanted to stay till the end of our reception so a send off then wouldn’t work out great.

    I still wanted to do something though, which is how we landed on ribbon wands during the recessional (since throwing things in the church was a no-no).

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