Ode to the Blue Ring


Mr. had a hard time with the fact that I did NOT want a diamond. He thought I was only trying to be nice and “settling” for an aquamarine since a diamond was too expensive. Not at all. I completely trusted his judgment on what he wanted to spend. Even if I could have any ring in the world, regardless of price, I would *still* choose an aqua. Aside from the fact that I love the color, I love having something a little bit different, and it means a lot to me that my aunt has an aqua engagement ring as well. Finally I was able to convince him and I’m so happy with the final product!

{ photo by me }

It’s certainly not traditional, but it seems like it’s not as unusual as I had originally thought. Ever since we got engaged, I have noticed blue engagement rings all over the place!

Liz Taylor and Princess Diana had one? According to Issue 10 of Wedding Style Guide


{ photos by Janine Kaye Photography via Polka Dot Bride}

I love the color of fellow EAD poster, Rachel’s, ring:

{ Image via Duttson Rocks website }

How GORGEOUS is this ring???

{ photo by Punam Bean Photography }

Love this Tiffany Blue-inspired board:

{ board by Snippet & Ink, Top row from left: blue and white Christmas tree from Cottage Living; Tiffany jingle bell, Oscar de la Renta dress and centerpiece (with table number by May-Bell) all from Martha Stewart Weddings. Row 2: ranunculus styled by Lucyina Moodie via Decorology, cupcakes from Cannelle et Vanille, ring pillow from Martha Stewart Weddings, numbered table runner. Row 3: photo from Country Living via Design Editor, monogram neckties from Martha Stewart, bouquet by Mindy Rice from InStyle, aquamarine ring from Twist. Row 4: knit shell from J.Crew, ornaments via Lily G, invitation via Once Wed, cheese buffet from Martha Stewart Weddings }

Anyone else out there have/had their heart set on a colored stone engagement ring? What are the reactions that you get from it?

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21 comments on “Ode to the Blue Ring

  1. My sister-in-law’s engagement ring is a family ring that her mother and grandmother wore as their engagement rings, and it’s an emerald-cut sapphire. It’s breathtaking, truly – and she loves how different she is with it on her finger. (It also matched the bridesmaid dresses at our wedding perfectly – bonus!)

  2. The first piece of jewelry my fiance gave me was an estate ring with a beautiful aquamarine center stone. I loved it immediately and wore it for years as a sort of promise ring. We’re so broke that I assumed, when the time came, we’d use it as an engagement ring. But he did give me a diamond ring, and while I adore this ring — it’s our ring — I miss seeing that blue twinkle on my hand (I rarely wear it now because rings on my right hand hand bother me). I’ll wear it on my right hand on our wedding day as my “something blue,” and I know he’ll be so happy to see both rings in action. I now have thoughts of one day handing it down to our daughter, and that makes me so happy.
    .-= cate’s most recent blog post: On Etiquette. =-.

  3. I expect to end up with a smokey quartz ring. The fact is, I love brown. I also don’t have very small hands, so a small diamond would be overpowered by my hands. There is a huge appeal in getting more bang for the buck in a non-traditional stone. It also gives me more room for something more custom. There’s no need to go traditional just because everyone else is doing it, but the same can be said for doing something different, too.
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  4. I love the idea of a non-traditional engagement ring, and aquamarine is gorgeous. I’m probably biased because my engagement ring isn’t a traditional stone or color. I think that some people aren’t sure how to react to it, but others really love it. And most importantly, I love it!!! (PS – Thank you for posting my Tiffany blue inspiration board!)
    .-= Kathryn’s most recent blog post: Real Wedding: Jennifer & Manny =-.

  5. katem writes...

    I LOVE my Tanzanite.
    It’s so different, and I get compliments on it on a daily basis.
    On our very first holiday together, I found an article in a Time Magazine, I have no idea what the article was about, because I just fell in love with the color of the stone!
    He remembered, and when the time was right, he went in and saw my favourite jeweller and designed my ring!

  6. For stones, blue looks great and definitely makes your wedding ring or engagement ring stand out. And not every ring has to look like every other.

    Don’t forget to take the time to research the benefits of each metal that are commonly used for wedding bands, wedding rings and engagement rings as well. And it is best to do that before you begin shopping.

    Keep in mind that platinum is expensive, but is naturally white and does not lose mass over time (so you can have a platinum ring refinished over and over). White gold is not naturally white and will look more yellow over time, so if you are looking for a white metal and platinum is not an option due to its price, then you may wish to consider palladium. Wedding bands made from titanium and tungsten look sleek, but neither metal can be sized.

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  7. I’m in love with my blue topaz ring. It’s an antique setting and everyone always comments on it. Plus, at $500 for the ring of my dreams, we could still eat and afford the wedding! We chose to go the blue topaz route because:
    1. A fair trade diamond was hard to find in DC, and I wasn’t going to have a diamond on my hand that most likely fed bloodshed and violence
    2. I loved the idea of a stone that was different and looove blue
    3. I totally 100% fell in love with this ring when we saw it in the shop

    But it was easy to get a ring I liked because my now wife and I went together to find the perfect ring. So each of us got a ring we were super happy with and that didn’t compromise our values.
    .-= Kelly’s most recent blog post: Winner! =-.

  8. ashley writes...

    That is the exact ring I described to my now fiance when we talked about what I wanted. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cushion cut gems, diamonds, anything. It’s not what he ended up getting but I love my ering just as much. It’s the same idea, except it has pave diamonds on the band and a round cut diamond for the center stone. I just love that he picked it himself!

    (I do still plan on having that ring one day though :P)

  9. I love aquamarines too! Your ring is so pretty, classic with a hint of color. :)
    We were thinking of an aquamarine, but ended up with a sapphire. I definitely got a few “really?” responses when I explained what it would look like, people are just generally used to diamond rings and white dresses.
    .-= Mo’s most recent blog post: Temperley London Trunk Show =-.

  10. The light blue diamond used in platinum is very cool and very different from other traditional rings.

  11. Oh beautiful ring! I had initially wanted an aquamarine center stone also since that is my birthstone, but then I changed my mind. See, my fiance’s birthstone is sapphire since he was born in September. SO, I wanted them both on my ring since they are in the blue family. Jon, my fiance, came through big time and I absolutely love my ring. There are even sentimental peek-a-boo diamonds on the sides that came from his grandmother’s engagement ring! Check out my personal blog for the details and to see a pic, although it’s not a great photo, it gives you an idea!

  12. Laura Andrew writes...

    Hi I love the first engagement ring pictured in this blog. Do you have any information about it- where it’s from or a description of the cut etc? This is the exact one I would love for mysel! Thank you

  13. That’s my ring! :) So glad you like it! It’s a cushion cut aquamarine with a halo of micropave diamonds. It was made through Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown, NJ. If you ask for Greg and describe the ring I’m sure he’ll remember us and be able to give you more info in case you want!
    .-= juel’s most recent blog post: Inspired by Letters =-.

  14. Laura writes...

    It’s an amazing ring, you must be so happy with it. Thanks for the info, I live in the UK though :) I’m now hoping to have one designed so I can get the perfect ring, as can’t seem to find it in the shops (or probably just too fussy!) thanks again

  15. Thanks so much Laura! Yes, I love it! Hopefully with that info (cushion cut, micropave diamond halo) plus the photo you should be able to find someone to make it for you! Otherwise, maybe email our jeweler at [email protected]? Perhaps they can give you more specifics? They are a small store and if you ask for Greg he should definitely remember it. Good luck!
    .-= Juel’s most recent blog post: Inspired by Letters =-.

  16. I know this is an old entry, but I’ve found your blog on Stumbleupon and Pinterest before. This time I got here by looking for an aquamarine engagement ring… My name is Elizabeth Anne, as well! I love your style! I ALSO have never wanted a diamond and aquamarine is my birthstone.

    I’m officially following you!

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