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Mr.’s mom and I met with our first florist. It went pretty well I guess, although she didn’t really talk pricing a whole lot and that’s what I was hoping to get out of it. She had us sit down and look through all these books that looked like they were from the late 90’s to bookmark what we liked (for reals, totally not inspiring at all). I bookmarked a boutonniere and that’s it. So, instead, I took out some pictures of what I am looking for. We discussed the types of flowers that I’d like to have…dahlias, ranunculus, roses, stock, hydrangea, (peonies if available), poppies, anemones, lisianthus, to name a few. Still trying to go with that rustic Mediterranean feel…

We have these urns, vases, and candle holders at Pottery Barn that I love and think would look great with flowers { images via Pottery Barn }:


The one in the middle is the one I’d like…otherwise, there are these pillar holders that I think would look beautiful with flowers dripping off the sides instead of candles:


I would love to do a centerpiece that isn’t just one piece but a couple different pieces together like these tables:

This one is a little too girly…just note the setup

{ photo by Erin Hearts Court, via Once Wed }

On these tables (done by one of my favorites, Kate Holt at Flowerwild) there was a larger arrangement and then a smaller one.

{ photo by Josef Isayo, via Flowerwild Designs }

And still one of my favorite weddings…

{ photo by Steve Steinhardt, via Beth Helmstatter Events }

Some ideas of what I’d like for our flowers:

I really like the container for this one and definitely like the flowers used. Would like a little more flower though…

{ photo by Dia Rao Photography, flowers by Anne Mendenhall, image via Style Me Pretty }

Great colors in these, not a fan of the filler though.


{ photos by Denise Cregier, florals by BLUSH Floral Design, via Style Me Pretty }

Colors and the actual flowers aren’t quite right, but I like the feel of this next one with the kinda mossy stuff.

{ photo by Jennifer Dery, florals by Annette Gomez, via The Bride’s Cafe }

Just saw these as well that I really like! I think the colors are a great match too with the exception of that greenery.

{ photo by Michèle M. Waite via 100 Layer Cake }

So, although I got a pretty good feeling about her and that she would probably get what I was looking for, I think we’re going to try and look around at other florists. The thing that worried Mr.’s mom was that she had heard that the florist had been having financial troubles. I just would hate to have a contract with her and then all of a sudden a few weeks before the wedding she is no longer in business.

So…the hunt continues.

How did you choose your florist?

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One comment on “Meeting with a (the?) florist

  1. Hmm. If you don’t feel 100% I’d change as well. However, I didn’t do that. I was told this one florist was the best in town. So, I went to her for the first meeting and Jonathon and I were both charmed.

    However, after that appointment she’s been inattentive (not answering emails.. like send one and two weeks later still no response) and rude (we went in to possibly rent tuxes from her and she didn’t even talk to us just thrust a book at us).

    So, we didn’t rent a tux from her. We did use her though. Apparently she makes the best bouquets in town. So, we had her make that and my mom who did floral design and many weddings will be doing our centerpieces and corsages from the wholesale flowers we ordered from her.

    So, I minimized. But at any rate… she won’t be getting the tip we plan to give our vendors.

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