Real Weddings: Kacie + Darby


I’m a South Carolina girl at heart, so I simply adore Kacie and Darby’s wedding, set at one of my favorite venues in the world, the Inn at Palmetto Bluff, and photographed by the incredible Nashan Photographers.

Guests were welcomed to the lowcountry with beautiful jute gift bags and lovely palm fans.



The ceremony took place in Palmetto Bluff’s Waterside Chapel – a simple and stunning small chapel with wooden pews and loads of sunshine.  Each aisle was decorated with lush pink and green florals in glass vases, tied with ribbons to the pew.




In true lowcountry tradition, a gospel choir performed during the ceremony.  If you haven’t ever experienced a ceremony with a choir, trust me, that moment… it’s just one of those magical ones.




In the reception, Kacie and Darby complemented the natural beauty of their venue with baby blue linens, place cards set on beds of wheatgrass, and beautiful, lush, pink and green centerpieces by H.B. Stems of Beaufort.  The event was flawlessly coordinated by Katie Huebel from WED in Charleston, SC.






The cake by Jim Smeal added a whimsical touch to the event!



Favorite shot – fireworks on a warm South Carolina night completes a perfect party! 


Photography: Nashan Photographers (their photography is so classic and timeless! Lots of inspiration to be found.)
Venue: Inn at Palmetto Bluff
Planning & Design: Katie Huebel from WED
Cake: Jim Smeal
Floral: H.B. Stems of Beaufort
Calligraphy: Elizabeth Porcher Jones

Melanie, thank you so much for sharing Kacie and Darby’s beautiful lowcountry South Carolina wedding with EAD!

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17 comments on “Real Weddings: Kacie + Darby

  1. love love LOVE the vases on the pews!!! How did they get them to stay like that, I’ve never seen that before especially with glass vases! What a beautiful wedding!

  2. Elizabeth,
    Your blog is AMAZING! And honestly I am so glad that you chose us to be a part of it!!! Kacie and Darby’s wedding was absolutely fabulous. The fireworks was a suprise show for Darby!

    Thank you for taking the time to create such a beautiful blog!

  3. Anna Scherillo writes...

    Any idea where the jute gift bags came from? They are so beautiful! I’d love to have them at my Destination wedding in Punta Cana!

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      hi anna! i don’t know specifically where these are from, but i did some googling and it appears that there are several options for those looking to purchase jute bags with bamboo handles. good luck!

  4. CARLA writes...

    hi…i just happen to browse your site…very nice decor…especially the centerpieces on the table…it was realllyyyy…GREAT!!!..i luv it!!

  5. Hello Ami Elizabeth, Yes the Chapel at Palmetto Bluff is the perfect place.
    Please check out my site to see a scale model Art-Piece Birdhouse of the chapel.
    I look forward to all comments and interest.

  6. D Jones writes...

    Did you ever find where you can get the jute bags? I’ve looked can’t find these exact ones.
    Can you ask bride?


  7. Marvia writes...

    I’m despirately searching for the jute gift bags. Where did you get them from?

    • Ami writes...

      hi marvia! i don’t know specifically where these are from, but i did some googling and it appears that there are several options for those looking to purchase jute bags with bamboo handles. good luck!

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