Things I suddenly find myself wanting


…that I didn’t even think twice about before.

Succulents in jars with burlap table runners.

Carrie Patterson via Style Me Pretty

…or just some potted ones.

Stephanie Williams Photography

Striped Straws in grey.

Bella Figura via Weddingbee Pro

to use for drinking out of cute jars.

Photography by Adi Nevo, styling by Alison Events, via Style Me Pretty

And lace-wrapped bouquets

Sarah K Chen Photography

with a little hanging down…

Jasmine Star

It’s amazing how much my vision has changed since starting this wedding-planning adventure 12 months ago!!  Some details I gawked at a year ago are now on my want must have list!  How much has your visioned changed/evolved throughout the planning processes?

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2 comments on “Things I suddenly find myself wanting

  1. my vision started with “extremely simple”, ballooned into “complex and more expensive”, and is now deflating into something in between, but closer to how i started out. some constants: riding our bikes at some point, outdoor settings, awesome cake, vintage hair, focus on sustainability, red & sky blue. some changes: vintage dress –> chrissy wai-ching. brunch reception –> cake/booze reception. really examining our budget and values has been the source of many changes!

  2. I adore the lace-wrapped bouquets… and it would go beautifully with my turning-into-vintage style wedding!
    My vision has definitely changed, and one of the biggest turning points was actually seeing my dress for the first time… the dress has a very elegant, vintage vibe to it, and greatly narrowed my focus for bridesmaid dresses (softer colors, vintage styles), flowers (a lot of peach/softer colors instead of the bright oranges/purples I’d been looking at), and invitations.

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