Hello 2010!


My party shoes

I’m sorry, but the month of December ate me and then wouldn’t let me out of its stomach. But now I’m back, with…drum roll please… SIX MONTHS left until July 3rd!! Woohoo!! Summer 2010, here we come. :)

Since I’ve been M.I.A., here are some updates.

* I ate my first slice of yule log over the holidays. It had this cute snowman on top!


Totally cute, no?

* Thank you to everyone who answered my pleas for help regarding lanterns. We are definitely sticking with all three (woohoo, thanks for the suggestions ladies!) and will maybe add in a print too (thanks Abbie!)

Dahlia Print Lantern from Luna Bazaar

* Back on the topic of honeymoons–the boy and I just kept arguing about where to go, and he kept insisting we go to a new city and not a destination in which we’d sit and sip drinks and hug each other all day long. He kept suggesting Tokyo and Kyoto, and after a while (plus a visit to the Studio Ghibli museum website,) I was convinced too! We are 90% sure, we just have to figure out when, how, and with what money *gulp*.

My sister’s old guidebooks from 2001–recognize what’s underneath? ;)

* My mother and I chose a custom design for my cheongsam at Ling’s Bridal in Oakland, CA. (You might remember this shop because it is the same one that Mrs. Creampuff of Weddingbee visited.) I’m really excited about it and think it will be beautiful. The shop wouldn’t let me take pictures (boooooo!), but the dress will look similar to this. It is white with gold embroidery, with pink and gold piping. Maybe at the fitting I will be able to sneak some photos.

I can’t believe I’ve reached 2010 and that we are getting married this year! Cheers to all the 2010 brides…it’s going to be an amazing year!

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6 comments on “Hello 2010!

  1. Japan is expensive, but it is AWESOME. I took a trip there just over a year ag0, both Tokyo and Kyoto — and had already fallen in love with the country even before my now-husband proposed two days before the end of our trip. ;)
    .-= Sarah’s most recent blog post: 2009, I Barely Knew Ye =-.

  2. Yep I agree…those shoes are way cute! And that Yule Log…wow that looks yummy!

    Cheers to you too fellow 2010 bride :)
    .-= Stephanie’s most recent blog post: Jar Tags =-.

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