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Sometimes inspiration boards, well, inspire me.  And this peach pink and gold inspiration board from last week was one that I could really see building an entire wedding around.

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So I decided to whip up a little project to pair with the board, and settled on a feminine headband with fluffy organza flowers.


Supplies needed:

  • 1/2 yard of toast organza
  • 1/2 yard of ivory organza
  • two neutral color ponytail holders
  • your choice of beads
  • needle and nylon thread
  • a length of ribbon, measured for your head size (mine was roughly 18″)


Have fun making organza flowers using Reese Dixon’s tutorial found here.

  1. Cut 3-5 pieces of organza into rough flower shapes.  There is no science to it!
  2. Hold the edges of the organza over a candle, the fabric will then melt and curl up to form “petals”.
  3. Layer the pieces on top of each other and stitch together in the center with invisible nylon thread.
  4. Add beads to the center of your flowers – I used some small seed beads that were crystal clear and pearly white, as well as miniature pearls and larger gold and clear beads.  10-12 beads per flower seemed to be about right!  Because you will be sewing your flowers to the headband, you can knot the flowers underneath the last layer and the knots will be hidden.

As you can see, I made several flowers, but my headband only used two small toast flowers and one larger ivory flower.


To create the ribbon headband:

First, knot two ponytail holders together, like so:


At each end of the ribbon, sew the ponytail holder into the ribbon by folding the ribbon into itself twice (to hide the frayed edge) and sliding the ponytail holder in to the pocket the fold created.  Straight stitch two lines to account for wear and tear and pulling on the stitches and be sure that one line of stitching is very close to the ponytail holder to keep it in place.


Take care not to twist the ribbon, and be sure to knot your thread on the underside of the headband where it will be hidden.



To complete the headband, arrange the organza flowers on the ribbon and pin them.  Try the headband on to see if the placement is as you like it.  When you are satisfied, stitch the flowers to the ribbon with the invisible nylon thread and voila!


In action:



1 yard of fabric: $8 at my local craft store
Beads: I had these on hand from other projects, but you can find lovely beads also at your craft or art store for $3-$10 per bag
Ribbon: I used 18″ from a spool of ribbon that cost $3

Total = ~$15.00

OK, now who wants an organza flower headband? I’d love to give this one to someone who will make good use of it!

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28 comments on “Organza Flower Headband

  1. Wow, that is such a gorgeous use of Reese’s flowers. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for the great idea, I’ll be linking.

    • Ami Elizabeth writes...

      thank you so much rachel – such a sweet compliment from someone with such a wonderful eye!

  2. Kristin Stout writes...

    Very pretty! I love organza flowers, but had never thought of the great headband idea!

  3. I’m sure that I was not lucky enough to come across your blog in time for the fantastic headband giveaway. Shoot.

    Well, I just have to say that I am in LOVE with this website. It’s everything I wanted for my wedding and more. You guys are a-MAZING. :)

  4. Shannon writes...

    Thank you for sharing this tutorial, I loved it; I”m alas looking for new ways to make fabric flowers. I buy my pre cut fabric circles on Etsy from SweetSweetCircles to save me the time and money (they’re pretty darn cheap lol) totally recommend them to anyone looking to make this project!

  5. Marina Agassi writes...

    Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous, love the detailed steps and the thoughtful and beautiful pictures. This will definitely be my next project :D

  6. Natalie writes...

    I love this idea. I am getting married this summer and those are my wedding colors. I am aiming for a vintage feel and this basically sums it all up! Very cute, I know I would put great use to that adorable headband. It is perfection.

  7. Oooh I love these! I am studying abroad in London for a year in the fall, and I wanted some cute new looks to take with me that I could make so I could save money :) Thank you!

  8. Wow! These flower headbands are a great inexpensive infusion of style! I haven’t worked with Organza in the past, but I will have to try my hand at it! Thanks for the idea!

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