Blue Vases


I’ve been incredibly inspired by unique use of color lately, and blue vases are rocking my world.

{Kitchen full of flowers from House Beautiful via In This Instance}

{Stalk flowers in sky blue vases from The House via Little White Book}

{Tulips in tall periwinkle blue bud vases from Studio Aanacht via Made by Girl}

{Fluffy peonies, delphinium, and lily of the valley in classic pale blue vases (love the blue linens in this as well!) – photo by Carolyne Roehm via Brabourne Farm and The Sweetest Occasion}

{Spider mums in robin’s egg blue vase from Toast via Peonies and Polaroids}

{Green and white garden centerpiece with turquoise vases – photo by Erin of Paloma Images via Once Wed}

{Rustic blue vase styled by Sweet Paul for Country Living}

I hope your weekend is positively lovely – see you on Monday!

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8 comments on “Blue Vases

  1. Ami Elizabeth writes...

    thanks ladies! i think they would be lovely as the only pop of color in an all white wedding – what do you think?

  2. Sydney Miles writes...

    On one of my birthdays many years ago, my eldest son gave me a blue vase. He filled it with one tiny bud of a red red rose.The flower has long been withered but the blue vase has remained as one of my prized possessions. I stumbled upon your site because I am looking for shops dealing with specially- designed blue vases, and that’s how I found your site and, certainly, I enthralled!

  3. Sydney Miles writes...

    I just want to correct the last sentence of my comment – which is supposed to be written as: …and, certainly, I AM enthralled!

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