“Why Did I Think This was a Good Idea?”


So as I mentioned, I decided it would be fun to make our entire lot of save the dates, invitations and anything else involving paper and our wedding. Why you ask?  Looking back I’m not really sure, but it was an experience! I don’t have any special training or real artistic ability, I just have a mother who was always extremely crafty and have always been striving to be like that.

Our save the dates were nothing novel I suppose, just a take on the calendar idea. I cut file folders down to miniature size (yes, you can buy them in index size, but I already had a whole box). Vintage wall paper and ephemera were used to create a backdrop for a simple printed calendar marking our future wedding date. I used a variety of miniature vintage postcards featuring various scenes of Buffalo to display our wedding website address and the wedding date. The whole package was then clipped together with a mini clothes pin or funky clip. The 125 save the dates took about two weeks to complete, and while definitely not the most cost effective option out there, they were relatively inexpensive.



Our invitation suite was definitely more of an undertaking given the number of components to include. I really wanted to do something handmade with a whimsical feel to it. We wanted it to feel like you were receiving a little package of goodies, with each piece having a unique attribute – whether it be the paper or the design. I took the idea of the RSVP stickers from birddog press, I just loved them! I’ve seen them popping up on a few invitations over the past few months as well. And the “Admit One” ticket just has some reminder travel information.



The invitation itself was just a vellum hand sewn onto vintage wallpapers and papers I collected, each one being completely unique.


I would have loved to use vintage stamps, but it was just not in our budget to do so, given the number of invitations we had to send out. But we lucked out with the adorable king and queen love stamps which were new at the time.


Are you DIY’ing your stationery?  What made you decide to do so?

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21 comments on ““Why Did I Think This was a Good Idea?”

  1. Ami Elizabeth writes...

    i am in love with these chris! you did an amazing job and the hand-sewing and vintage wallpaper are both beautiful touches!

  2. lauren f writes...

    May I ask where you purchased your stickers/had them printed? they’re super cute!

  3. Wow, you did a lovely job. Your guests are going to be floored when these arrive in their mailbox!

  4. thanks for all the kind words everyone! it always makes the hard work worth it.

    and @ lauren, i actually bought the stickers on e-bay. but i know planet label has them as well. you can google “brown kraft circle stickers” to find some additional options if you didn’t want kraft. my stickers were a 2″ diameter and then i just printed them on my printer through a little trial and error with the spacing on some blank paper first.
    .-= Christine’s most recent blog post: something look a little different? =-.

  5. Vanessa writes...

    Christine…how did you actually print the response cards, accommodations, and maps with the silhouette? I am thinking of DIY invitations, but I am no graphic design artist. Where do you even get such clip-art?

  6. vanessa, i did everything with photoshop, illustrator, powerpoint and my printer! i’m no designer either, so it definitely took a little patience to do things “my way”. if you have basic knowledge of photoshop and layers you’ll be okay.

    the response cards are dual sided and i created the basic images using Illustrator. i spent lots of time feeding paper into my printer!

    for the map, i actually traced a basic outline of an atlas map of buffalo i had and scanned it in. this way i was able to scale it appropriately, and then i filled everything in in photoshop and drew or googled the clip art to add in.

    google will be your best friend! you can teach yourself anything if you start early enough and keep telling yourself to be patient.
    .-= Christine’s most recent blog post: loving lauren moffatt =-.

  7. Oh my goodness – this so similar to one of the save-the-date ideas I’m playing with! If I decide to use this one, I’m going to try and put a tiny magnet on the back of each clothespin as well, that way the whole “package” can be slapped (lovingly, of course) onto people’s refrigerators.

    You did a gorgeous job with these. They’re stunning! Did your postage increase with the bit of bulk from the clothespins?
    .-= Rebekah (the barefoot bride)’s most recent blog post: Smittens =-.

  8. alex writes...

    i really want to do these invitations for my wedding, is there any way you can send me individual images of each piece and some info on each piece? I know its a big request, but i am IN LOVE!!! please!!

  9. Houa L. writes...

    I’m in LOVE!!! Do you mind sharing where you found the vintage wallpapers or where you purchased them? You mentioned that you used papers you’ve collected — do you mind sharing what kind of papers you used and where you purchased them from? I want to know if it’s available in the NC area because I’m from here.

  10. Venessa writes...

    like everyone else, I heart these invites! Any way I can get individual pics of the items? Can you send me the templates? Thought i’d ask!!

  11. Ha! So funny to see my post from that long ago and see what I asked…such a seasoned planner now! Still love these invites though…They’re so crafty and would be so fun to receive!

  12. Elizabeth writes...

    Hi! I love the RSVP stickers. Did you just print them and then stick two stickers on regular white paper? or did they come on white paper? Thank you!

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